Gout and nutrition: foods recommended and to be avoided

La gotta it is a disorder that affects the joints. THE symptoms, in the acute phase, they are particularly painful and can lead to immobility.

Le causes are due to a excess uric acid in the bloodstream which, not finding adequate disposal by the kidneys, settles in the joints of the lower and upper limbs, going to form urate crystals which have the shape of small needles; these crystals cause severe pain and redness of the affected part.

La gotta can be associated with aalteration of the acid-base balance of the body; like all pH imbalances, thenutrition plays an important part in the onset and in the prevention of gout, as well as in its natural healing course.


In the role of nutrition in the prevention of gout

Le purine they are naturally produced by the body's metabolism and are used for the synthesis of cells; however, when they are in excess and the kidneys are unable to dispose of them, the gotta.

Purines are derived from the introduction and the digestion of protein foods or high purine content. The gotta it is often associated with overweight, but this should not lead to think that restrictive and poor prolonged diets are better: purines can also be a waste product of muscle catabolism, which occurs when the body, in the absence of necessary nutrients, metabolizes muscle fibers.

L'supply it is a useful aid in the treatment and prevention of gout.


The gout diet: here's how to do it


Foods with a high purine content, to be avoided in case of gout

there foods that are naturally rich in purines, and which can therefore contribute to the onset of gout symptoms.

These are:

  • small blue fish, such as anchovies, sardines, anchovies, and also mussels, crustaceans;

  • offal and offal, such as liver, lungs, hearts, brains, kidneys, tripe;

  • red and fatty meats and sausages of any kind;

  • beer and spirits.


Foods low in purines and recommended in case of gout

La fruit and vegetables in general they do not produce excess purines, and also the vegetable protein sources such as beans, chickpeas, seitan, tofu, lentils, can replace animal proteins without causing dangerous protein imbalances.

La white meat, poultry and rabbit, can be part of the omnivorous diet of those who want to prevent gout, only if cooked without fats such as butter or lard and without egg-based or fried breading.

I cereals they help and support the kidneys in the work of eliminating purines, as they are rich in fiber, especially if they are whole.

Finally all of them green leafy vegetables are indicated for the diet of those suffering from the symptoms of gout, because they help the good functioning of the excretory organs and therefore the disposal of metabolic waste.

La fruit is especially recommended if sweet and semi sweet, avoiding the starchy one and respecting the food associations for good digestion of all nutrients.


The water

Drinking plenty of water is thought to help fight water retention and to support the kidney system in its work.

Drinking a lot is one of the main indications for gout sufferers, because excess uric acid is excreted from the body through the urine.

Certainly drinking helps eliminate toxins, and keeps the body's scavengers, ie the kidneys, in good function .; however, it is necessary to distinguish between a little water, that is when it is insufficient, and too much water.

We often read the recommendation to drink at least two liters of water per day; although moved by the best intentions, it is not a one-size-fits-all rule: who does not exceed in the meat and takes foods already naturally rich in water and therefore moisturizing such as vegetables and fruit, does not need to drink so much and can actually run into problems if he drinks too much water.

L'excess water in fact on the one hand it leads to dilution and loss of important nutrients such as mineral salts, and on the other overloads the work of the kidneys putting them to work when in reality it is not necessary.

The amount of water to be taken varies from person to person, and can be considered contained between one liter and two liters per day.

How to understand then how much water to drink? When the stimulus of thirst is perceived, the body is already suffering from lack of hydration, and when the urge to urinate is too close and the urine is transparent then you are drinking too much: these two signals are natural indications that each body dà to regulate the quantity of liquids to be introduced.


Water and lemon: when and why to take it, even in case of gout



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