From America comes soy chicken for vegetarians

    From America comes soy chicken for vegetarians

    Un soy-based chicken to everyone's delight vegetarian and vegan of the world that they will finally be able to experience the pleasure of eating (strictly with their hands if it were the thigh) white meat that is not meat.

    Because the one made by the American scientists of theUniversity of Missouri it's a soy chicken with a look and taste very similar to the feathered free range, but produced with exclusively vegetable ingredients.

    After meatballs, hamburgers and cutlets, then chicken also comes from soy which, as assured by the engineers of the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources and of College of Engineering who have developed the "healthy" surrogate, unlike other soy-based foods, is made up for the 75% from wet base and therefore of that right consistency that would make the food very similar to real chicken.

    In practice, the proteins extracted from soy flour, inserted in a special machine that involves cooking, extrusion in water and subsequent exposure to heat and pressure, give life to a food comparable in taste in all respects to the bipid most used in the kitchen all over the world. Although, according to what was declared by Fu-Hung Hsiech, the scientist in charge of the research, at the first attempt the product thus created knew much more than turkey, but it was enough "to modify the process by adding extra fiber to give a feeling of stringy soy, similar to the coarse fibers of chicken".

    On nutritional properties of soy there is no doubt: from cancer prevention to the strengthening effect on the bones o on the lungs this legume truly represents a concentrate of substances necessary for our organism and probably from the protein point of view, the most valid of the vegetable alternatives to meat. Of which, however, he avoids all the contraindications, starting from cholesterol.

    Therefore, the "synthesis" of this can only be encouraging vegetarian chicken. In addition to the actual flavor, however, we still have a doubt: when it arrives in your country will it also need the mandatory identity card for the traceability of the meat? It would be enough for us to know that it does not contain genetically modified organisms.

    Luisa Falasca

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