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Used since ancient times, brewer's yeast has always been used to promote well-being and beauty.

Brewer's yeast is a fungus that lives on sugary materials such as molasses or sprouted grains. Depending on the temperatures used, a low yeast is distinguished, produced between 0 and 5 ° C, and a high one, at 15 - 20 ° C. The first is intended for drying and reduced into tablets, flakes or flakes, for this purpose. it is freeze-dried or subjected to instant heat so as not to alter its nutritional content. The second, stronger, is compressed into soft loaves and is used for the leavening of bread, during which it emits carbon dioxide and ethanol, which evaporates. The substantial difference between the two types is that the food one, in flakes, can no longer ferment but still remains a valid supplement because it retains its nutritional properties.

Il flake yeast it is a supplementary food of fundamental importance. Its richness in proteins, supplied with all the essential amino acids, the great supply of vitamins (especially the B complex) and minerals, makes the yeast beer an indispensable resource in many pathological conditions.


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Its consumption has beneficial effects on intestinal bacterial flora, on the skin, On nails and on hair. Furthermore, a dietary supplement with brewer's yeast improves the cellular utilization of glucose, while facilitating the action of insulin. Cholesterolemia is also reduced.

Continued consumption of flake yeast, however, can cause problems. The main contraindication concerns intolerances and allergies to yeasts, which are quite widespread. Candidiasis sufferers should also be careful, because these fungi also feed on yeast.

Brewer's yeast does not like heat, so it should not be added to food during cooking but only before serving, making sure that the food is not too hot. It is good to remember that brewer's yeast added to carbohydrates facilitates digestion.


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