Finding happiness in the little things

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Finding happiness in the little things

It is possible to find happiness in small things. After all, happiness is nothing more than a set of beautiful and pleasant moments.

Last update: 13 November 2018

It is possible to find happiness in small things. Who said that satisfaction and well-being are linked only to great successes and important events in life? Every day is precious and every gesture has a meaning: however routine they may be, they influence our way of seeing life and living our existence.

The ability to find happiness in small things is almost a gift. We do not carry it with us from birth, but we develop it as we understand that even the little things make us feel good. This ability requires commitment and perseverance in order to become a stable perspective with which to face life.

Expecting too much happiness is an obstacle to happiness itself.

Bernard Bouvier de Fontenelle

If you notice, in reality there are no insignificant actions. We consider them as such because they are daily and we believe that they have no effect or influence on our life. However, the way of waking up also influences everyday life in some way and the same goes for the rest of the actions that are so to speak habitual. We must learn, therefore, to find happiness in small things.

How to find happiness in little things

1. An inventory of happiness

Before we talk about the ways to find happiness in little things, it is important to point out that each of us should make our own inventory, or a list of all those things that seem insignificant, but that generate a feeling of well-being and pleasure.

The goal of the list is to make us aware that moments of happiness are always at hand. You can experience them when you need them. We are talking about eating ice cream, watching the rain from the window or getting up early and enjoying the fresh morning air. It could be anything, it doesn't matter. Everyone has their own list of little things that make them happy.

2. Organize, throw and recycle

It might seem strange to you, but organizing spaces and ordering personal items entails a feeling of great well-being. By putting it in order, it also generates a sense of inner order which is very pleasant.

When you are feeling low, there is nothing better than to organize your personal things and your spaces. Don't take it too much to heart e do not insist on wanting to fix everything in one fell swoop. Take advantage of these moments to pick up your belongings and take care of them.

3. Nature barefoot

Contact with nature is always a great way to remind us that we are alive and deserve to be happy. You don't have to move or organize a complicated plan to feel the green of nature. Just go to the park and spend a few moments looking around.

Walking barefoot on the grass is a real therapy. This is an energizing and deeply relaxing activity. Walking barefoot on any surface is always a great idea, better on grass or sand.

4. Smile and hug

We certainly love family, partner and friends very much. Perhaps, however, we do not always demonstrate this in the right way. to find happiness in small things, it is enough to create situations to show our affection towards others in a more evident way.

Hug our son, for no particular reason, and tell him we love him; do the same with your partner, parents or people who are important to us. It is a wonderful gesture, especially if it is spontaneous. Let's not forget to give at least one smile a day to the people we meet.

5. Walk and oxygenate

We must never forget the enormous value of rest. Get used to respecting moments of relaxation, as they are essential for physical and mental health. You have to rest several times a day.

An original way to rest is to take a little walk, perhaps when there is still light. It is a relaxing activity that will release you from stress and make you feel better. It is important to breathe fresh air and not to be confined to closed spaces.

As you can see, it is possible to find happiness in small things. After all, happiness is nothing more than a set of beautiful and pleasant moments. You can adopt a lifestyle in which the small daily actions carry a true and profound meaning. For sure, your mood will benefit and you will burst into the joy of living.

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