I like people who know how to be a sun when life is covered in clouds

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I like people who know how to be a sun when life is covered in clouds

Last update: February 18, 2022

There are people who know how to stand by us when we need them most. There are people who know how to be a sun in moments when clouds cover our life, which gets trapped in a storm that doesn't want us out.

The truth is that there are special people who know how to recognize in themselves the beauty of a smile that comes from the soul, who do not deceive others and who show themselves to be just and serene with themselves and with the world. A rare species, of course, but not entirely extinct.

Obviously, like everyone, even these people who know how to "be a sun" make some mistakes and have flaws, yet they stand out from others because they are able to brighten a day covered by clouds, negative thoughts and bad experiences with a smile. This article of ours is dedicated to them.

“I swear to you… there are people who are magical. I've seen them. They are found hidden in all corners of the planet. Masquerading as normal people. They camouflage the fact that they are special. They try to behave like others. Yet, at times, getting there is just as difficult as finding them.

But when you find them, there's no turning back. You can't get rid of their memory. Don't tell anyone, but their magic is said to be so strong, that if they touch you once, they do it forever ”.

-Anonymous author-

The importance of listening with empathy

Listening empathically or actively is a typical skill of people who know how to "be a sun on a day in darkness". Thanks to this practice, it is possible to listen and capture the emotional and personal message that those who have just had a difficult day want to convey.

A person who knows how to listen with empathy pays attention to his interlocutor with the intention of understanding his feelings and to appreciate the point of view from which he interprets the bad day he is having. Because only in this way is it possible to understand the picture that surrounds the moment that that person is facing.

In this way, our brain, which leaves nothing to chance, conceives this involvement as a sincere and affectionate interest, which favors the production of substances such as serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin, which facilitate the birth of a bond. emotional.

Hugging a pair of sad eyes means welcoming and supporting the world we live in, shared struggle and emotional support.

Patient hearts that know how to listen

As we have said in other articles, sad eyes need fewer words and more hugs. Because when we've just had a bad day, we appreciate a patient heart listening to us more than a brilliant mind talking to us.

The need to talk and share one's feelings through words, hugs, tears and caresses is a response to our emotional mind's way of self-regulating, to be able to put order in the midst of chaos.

This means that it is a way of giving oneself permission to feel emotions and to understand, putting aside the negation of the latter and, therefore, leaving behind the terrain of misunderstanding and the uncertainty of feeling alone in a moment in which we need patient and unconditional company.

Thus, having someone beside you who is an expert in "behaving like a sun" during the darkest days, allows us to move forward along a highway and not along a secondary road in a bad state that forces us to stop 20 times before we can reach the destination of our well-being.

Humility, simplicity and goodness are three fundamental pillars that help us to "be a sun" in the moments when we drown in an ocean of confusion and problems. To be truly great people, you have to be next to people, not on top of them.

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