Love as a source of motivation and enthusiasm

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Love as a source of motivation and enthusiasm

Last update: February 19, 2022

We know that love heals everything, covers wounds and creates new visions of the future. But what happens when it is we who love or feel loved? When we love someone and the other feels loved, it produces a sense of acceptance and trust that gives us the ideal motivation to give the best of ourselves and become better people. Love as a source of motivation and enthusiasm makes us better.

Being loved makes us feel safe, believe in ourselves, and trust our potential. Unconditional love creates an engine in us, which opens doors and possibilities for expression. Feeling loved is a reinforcement that improves our well-being, as it means that someone appreciates us just the way we are. This is why love invites us to show ourselves to the other in a sincere and authentic way.

“Love is the recognition of the potential of the loved one and acts as a transforming energy. The gaze and love of the other give us life and help us transform ”.

-Elsa Punset-

Love gives us life and makes us shine, love gives us confidence and allows us to develop our potential. It makes us better and helps us to grow our skills, without prejudice and without fear in showing them. It does not necessarily have to be the love of a couple that revitalizes us, since the love that parents show to their children also makes them grow with security and trust.

The brain of someone who has and expresses love

When we love, we generate in the other a wonderful feeling of peace and security. We expect the best from the other person and are confident that they will respond to us in the same way, without projecting fear or distrust, just our best wishes and the positive we see in those we appreciate. When we give love, we promote good self-esteem thanks to the bubble of calm and ease we create in this exchange.

What actually happens in the brain when you love? Thanks to neuroimaging techniques, Andreas Bartels and Semir Zeki of University College London, conducted a study in which the brain activity of some subjects was observed while viewing photos of their lovers and images of their friends, in order to study and compare the differences.

Thanks to this technique and this study, it was discovered that when we fall in love or feel love for our children, we disconnect certain parts of the brain linked to other emotions and, above all, to our capacity for social criticism.

It has also been found that when we look at our partner, some parts of the prefrontal cortex and some areas that relate to aggression, fear or planning are disconnected. This affects our judgment, as we tend to trust more and be less strict with our social assessment. By this we could say that our brain is programmed, when we fall in love, to see all the positive aspects of the other person.

Love as a source of motivation to be better

Scientists say that “Human attachment uses a mechanism that overcomes social distance by deactivating circuits connected to negative emotions and critical social evaluation, and unites individuals through the reward circuit, which explains the power of love as a source of motivation and enthusiasm ”.

We can therefore say that love and loving make us better. Love gives us the strength to face new challenges because it gives us a person next to us who has faith in us, and this helps us to improve our potential to move forward and engage.

By loving we have the possibility to create all this in the partner. Thus, when we project our love, we create in the other the best sensations and the best of us. Both loving and being loved gives us the opportunity to improve and develop in a safe environment, so what are you waiting for to love?

Love as a source of motivation gives us the strength to face new challenges

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