To forgive is to get rid of resentment

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To forgive is to get rid of resentment

Last update: February 02, 2017

Forgiving is much more than just saying "I forgive you", much more than resuming a lost relationship and, even, more than forgetting the action that hurt us at a precise moment in our life. When we truly forgive someone, we make peace with our own ego and we find ourselves in a state of fullness, calm and freedom, as the resentment is gone forever.

When we have been hurt, physically or emotionally, we go into a state of anger. Anger, although it can be a useful emotion to defend us from a present danger, lacks meaning when the danger no longer exists.

The prolonged anger over time poisons us little by little, fills us with rancor, hatred, desire for revenge, all negative emotions that are of no use to us. They will not erase the past and will not act positively on the present or the future either.

Forgive rationally

To free ourselves from such negative emotions, such as anger, we can use the power of our ideas and thoughts in order to take control of our mind and tear it away from the emotional sphere. Thinking rationally means not letting oneself be carried away by impulses, imagination, not exaggerating or dramatizing the facts and, above all, abandon the "should".

The truth is that everyone is free to act according to their own criteria and not be guided by ours, whether we like it or not.. Accepting this reality and being able to bear it without being too negative will eventually allow us to forgive those who have hurt us.

Tolerate, accept and know that life is not perfect, much less people; so accept the fact that there are situations, actions, facts that will not be to your liking and that will even go against you. It is part of life and if we see and feel it that way, it won't hurt us. It is not pleasant that not everything is as we would like, but it is not the end of the world.

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