Whatever you do, put passion into it

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Whatever you do, put passion into it

Last update: July 19, 2016

If you love, love with passion; if you are working on something that interests you, if you paint, if you dance, if you write, do it with passion; if you practice a sport, use all the passion you have. Never forget that passion is the energy of life, whatever you do passionately will make you feel complete and happy.

During our life we ​​tend to accomplish many things just because we have made a commitment or for fear of the opinions of others; these activities, however, do not motivate us or we simply do not like them. But what happens when we do something that we are really passionate about? Dedicating ourselves to something we love, that excites us, that excites us, will make us smile and fill us with energy. So why don't we go looking for what we're really passionate about?

 "Nothing great has been done in the world without passion"

-Friedrich Hegel-

Look for a job that you are passionate about

One of the key questions related to work is: Is this the job I've always wanted? If you are anxious about having to go back to work on Sunday afternoons, you are probably not in the place for you.

Work takes up a large amount of our time, so it is important to feel comfortable with what you do, to know that your contribution is essential for our company and for ourselves. It is very common to hear complaints from colleagues, friends or family about your work, and we often complain about them ourselves. However, there are few who dare to change course.

Keeping a job even when you have the possibility to change it is just another way to be unfaithful to yourself, to your happiness; we should abandon those fears which in most cases turn out to be unfounded. It's about living life to the fullest and becoming the best version of yourself.

 "With life you have to make love, without drama, with madness and passion."

-Federico Moura-

An essential factor when trying to find the ideal job is the ability to manage one's fears. Our dreams are on the opposite side of where we are now - the time has come to overcome fear and move on. Think about what scares you, externalize it, accept it and visualize the worst-case scenario that could happen. This way, you will get a much more realistic perspective.

Look for people full of passion

When we want to change something at work or in other aspects of our life that do not make us happy, the first thing we can do is to try to surround ourselves with passionate people, who pass on their enthusiasm, who support us in our project of change.

It is normal that the people around us do not understand our desire to change something in our life, especially if it is a job that ensures us a salary at the end of the month. However, it is about our life, and those who truly love and value us will respect our change, even if they don't understand it. Perhaps he will even approve of it, when you leave the skepticism behind him, he will begin to see results.

Look for what makes you happy

What is it that really excites you, what is it that makes you vibrate? Well, that is the path you will have to follow. Everyone has something that makes their heart beat faster, that paints a smile on their face.

When this happens, it means that we are dedicating ourselves to what we are passionate about. Explore everything you like, participate in courses, talk to people who deal with them, read, study, find out little by little and you will see how your dream will take shape in front of you.

Learn to convey passion

When we do what we are passionate about, without realizing it, we transmit our passion to others: we spark enthusiasm from all the pores of our skin. Our enthusiasm will reach wherever we are and any group of people with whom we have relationships.

Sooner or later in life you will meet another person who is eager to make a change in their life without having the courage and this will be the perfect opportunity for you. to convey your enthusiasm to her, so as to make her lose her fear of the future and so that he continues his journey towards his dreams.

-Dies slowly those who avoid a passion, those who prefer black on

white and the dots on the "i" s rather than a set of emotions,

the very ones that make the eyes shine, the ones that make one

yawn a smile, those that make the heart beat in front of me

to the mistake-

-Pablo Neruda-

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