Destiny makes no home visits

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Destiny makes no home visits

Last update: 10 September, 2020

Destiny, also called fate or fate, does not make home visits. If we want to meet him, we have to go out and look for him. We can also convince ourselves that reality is there to satisfy our desires as if by magic, but the truth is that what we want will never come true if we don't roll up our sleeves to make it happen. And sometimes even rolling up your sleeves isn't enough.

We could say that the best moments are those in which we take the reins of our life, those in which we decide and take possession of our destiny. Because, instead of praying to the universe or waiting for the planets to line up, we need to have a clear idea of ​​what we want to achieve and roll up our sleeves to bend destiny to our will.

"Find yourself a destiny, whatever you want, because you will never know when the destiny of death will come."


We draw destiny with our decisions

We create destiny with every single step we take and with every single choice we make. Yet too many people are convinced that things will happen simply by letting themselves be carried away by the current. But according to this perspective, nothing can be expected. The only way we have to get what we want is to fight for it.

On the other hand, there are those who believe that each person comes to this world with a specific destiny. According to this conception, we all have a goal, messages to deliver to work to be done. We would not be in the world by chance, our existence would have a very specific purpose.

Each of us has his own destiny, woven according to the decisions and choices made. The only imperative must be to follow it, to fight for it and accept it. Each of us must do what we feel best for ourselves in all moments of our life.

“You have to believe in something: instinct, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This type of approach has never let me down and instead has always made a difference in my life. "

–Steve Jobs-

Destiny: superstition or reality?

To get to the core of the article, we leave you a story that analyzes how fate can affect our life or not. We hope you enjoy it.

David was an extremely pious and observant man. A devoted and believing Jew. One night, while he was sleeping, an angel appeared to him in a dream.

- David - said the angel - I come from heaven to grant you a wish. God has decided to reward you and is sending me to report this message to you. You can ask for what you want, and when you wake up, it will come true. When you open your eyes you will remember everything that happened tonight and you will be sure that it is not the product of your mind. So ask. What do you want more than anything else in the world?

David thought for a moment before remembering a matter that had been bothering him for some time. It was his own death. Encouraged by the angel, he asked:

- I want you to tell me exactly what will be the day and hour of my death.-

As he listened to him, the angel turned pale and doubtful.

- I don't think I can tell you.

- You said I could have asked you anything. Well, this is what I want.-

- I also said it's a prize for you. By telling you what you ask me, you would live like a wretch counting the days that separate you from death. - retorted the angel. - It would not be a reward, but a punishment. Choose something else.

David thought for a long time. Sometimes, however, when the idea of ​​death creeps into the head, it is difficult to eradicate it.

- I still want to know what the day of my death will be.

The angel, realizing that it was impossible to make man distract from his desire and that if he did not answer him he would fail in his main purpose, which was to please him, she decided to please him.

- Since you are a good man and a good Jew, you will be granted the honor of being among those lucky enough to die on the holiest day of the week. You will die in the Shabat.-

Having said these words, the angel disappeared, while David continued to sleep peacefully until the following day.

When he woke up, just as the angel had predicted, he still had the memory of what he had dreamed alive in his head. Furthermore, he felt the privilege of being the only man who knew in advance the day of his death.

In the following days everything went for the best, until Friday arrived. As he prepared for the arrival of the Sabbath, David began to tremble.

Could that Saturday be the day foretold by the angel? Was it for that reason that the angel had appeared to him in his dream at that very moment? What was the point of going to the temple on the last day of his life? Since he was going to die, he might as well stay at home. David realized he had made a mistake. He knew something he would rather not know, since the information he had would only hurt him and those he loved.

After thinking about it, the man found a solution. He would read the Torah every Friday night and would not stop before the first morning star appeared, since no one could die while reading the holy book.

And so he did. Two or three months passed and a Saturday morningWhile David was reading the sacred book of the Torah incessantly, the voice of someone screaming in despair reached his ear:

- On fire! On fire! The house is on fire. Go out. Everything's on fire, quick.

It was Shabat and David remembered the angel's message well. But at the same time he also remembered that Zohar ensured that everyone was safe while reading the Torah, and to be convinced he repeated:

-Nothing can happen to me, I'm reading the Torah.

But the rumors from the street persisted.

- You who are in the attic, can you hear us? Get out now before it's too late! Presto!-

David trembled. All this was happening for trying to save himself, to circumvent fate. Instead now he was about to die, a victim of his own intent to save his life.

- Maybe I still have time. He finally said to himself. And closing the book of the Torah, he looked at the stairs and confirmed that the fire had not yet reached there. He decided to go down and thus avoid certain death. He ran down the stairs, jumping the steps two by two; and so it was he ended up stumbling and rolling down the stairs until he reached the floor, not before banging your head right on the top step.

David died that Saturday, without even realizing that the fire was in the house next door and it would never go to hers. It was his concern for his fate that made him die prematurely.

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