What the poet Julio Cortázar taught us about love

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What the poet Julio Cortázar taught us about love

Last update: 20 November 2016

Julio Cortázar was one of the most innovative writers of his time. In his literary career he has experimented with various genres, from short story to poetic prose and novel. With The Game of the World, he has surpassed all the classic conventions of writing and literature. His reflections on love are numerous and still today his quotes are a source of inspiration for many people.

Throughout history, very different themes have been explored, but if there is a constant in the philosophical or literary field, then it is certainly love. Thousands of words fill the texts of all eras and have made us dream.

Cortázar's phrases about love are a further example of the need for men to understand this feeling. Cortázar transforms words into poetry and shows us his vision of love, lack of love, remembrance, oblivion.

Learn to leave when the time comes

One of the most common mistakes in a relationship when things are not going very well and a solution is not found is to carry on the relationship even if it is watering on all sides and is no longer a reason for happiness. Breakups and reconciliations follow one another as a desperate attempt to save something that can no longer be saved.

Ending a relationship requires courage and the ability to understand when the time is right. If a person does not make us happy, continuing to be close to him becomes a useless suffering that does not make sense to prolong. So stop in time, don't let your relationship deteriorate, be brave and leave when the time is right.

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