Love is paid for with love

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Love is paid for with love

Last update: October 02, 2016

We all deserve true love, honest and without too many frills, which allows us to improve every day: that kind of feeling that calms fears and feeds us inside. A love that enriches our essence, which makes us happy and does not intentionally harm us.

We deserve to find ourselves in the heart of another and feel that we can communicate with it without pretense, without having to constantly struggle to keep it close to us: love will flow free and reason and emotion will complement each other.

Find the love of your life, every day, in the same person

If left free to grow, love can turn out to be the fullest and most rewarding sensation in any of its representations. For this reason, falling in love is never negative if the feeling is reciprocated in a sincere and open way.

Love is made up of commitment and freedom, is the stimulus that would lead us to choose the same person over and over again to share one's life. It consists of finding complicity in a relationship and using it to create a world apart in which to feel safe.

Love is realizing that beautiful things must be earned, and that with the passage of time they must not be forgotten: renew emotions, create a perfect pattern in which commonalities match with dissonances, run the risk of jumping into the void even knowing that maybe it will fall.

Love is based only on tenderness, respect, eroticism and mutual affection: it is warmth, impulse, idealization, meaning and life. So why do we sometimes accept that it turns into a cruel game? Why do we continue to define "love" what no longer exists?

"If sometimes life mistreats you,

remember me,

who can't get tired of waiting

who does not tire of looking at you. "

-Luís García Montero, poem Dedication-

Love that hurts is not love

The simple but complicated experience of falling in love sometimes leads to accepting unacceptable situations, in the name of love. The love that involves great suffering in order to hope for a happy ending, as happens in the movies, is not real: loving sometimes hurts, but never on purpose.

When two love each other, their only real intention is to see each other happy, even when for some reason they decide to separate. It is not love if there is toxicity, it is not healthy if you have to give up on yourself to keep it alive.

 "You can't stay in a place where you can't bloom, even if you like"

-M. Sierra-

Love cannot be called a feeling spoiled by jealousy, ignorance, psychological and / or physical abuse. True love is paid for with mutual love and affection.

To love well, you have to love yourself

On a social level there is a conception according to which it is normal to think that loving another person is a way to feel full and not be alone: ​​this is the idea behind the "sweet half", the missing piece that completes us and makes us happy. However, this is a wrong and dangerous notion.

Some of the greatest thinkers in history have, in fact, defended the impossibility of loving another without first loving oneself. This idea implies the ability to consider themselves "complete beings in themselves", or people capable of dedicating themselves to self-love before sharing it with another.

 "You will understand that love is not looking for what you lack in the other, but finding someone who understands you, who makes you look up and feel that you have found the place to live."

-Sergio Sa-

If we are looking for an honest relationship, made up of the possibility of getting to know each other, it is best to know yourself first: understand what we are really looking for, what are our fears and our goals, how we could grow individually and to what extent the other would lead us to vary our path. In other words, to truly love it is essential to love each other and to be ready for both.

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