Do you want to study Psychology?

Or rather, the question should be: why do I want to study Psychology? Thus the world, quite convulsive and at times contradictory, of our motivations opens up before us.

Firstly, no one can decide for us whether this or that career is more right, it is a personal decision for which we must not only be well informed but also duly motivated.In this space I will limit myself to showing some ideas on which everyone must reflect young people who seriously propose to study this subject, even before choosing between the different specializations of psychology. Psychology is an exciting course of study, it allows us to improve our relationships with others and with ourselves. Without a doubt, once we get started, our world will never be the same again. But you need to know some details in advance.-The career in psychology it does not have the effects of a psychotherapy session, if you wish to study psychology to eliminate your own problems, it is best to leave it alone. To the psychologist, be it a marketing specialist or a psychopedagogy, there will always be people with very serious difficulties and problems, and this causes enormous emotional damage if we do not have the psychological balance necessary to face and manage them. Forget it, unless you are lucky enough to get a secure, well-paid job right out of college. Normally the best opportunity is self-employment, but even in this sector there is a lot of competition, so that often the psychologist must be creative enough to invent his own work. In all ways, however, once you have mastered it and, as long as you love the profession, the work is very rewarding and dignified. you can overcome it without too much study, well, forget it! Psychology, as a young science in full evolution, requires a fairly high will for integration and creativity. Graduating by studying little is perhaps possible, but being a serious professional with this attitude is impossible! the five years of the degree course, indeed, it would be advisable to complete a master's degree. Like all professions, psychology also has its pros and cons. But personally I believe that there is nothing more beautiful than having the opportunity to help people and see in their faces the recognition for the work done, their thanks. So… To all those who have decided: have a good trip into the world of psyche!
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