Disassembling Objects: A Technique for Enhancing Creativity

There are dozens of techniques and strategies
which help to be more creative, some more complex than others. However,
now a new study by the University of Massachussets offers us one
simpler and easier to apply perspective: it would be enough mentally disassemble common objects that they have around us e
imagine a possible new use for them.

In fact, when we think of an object the
our mind recalls its name, image and use. These ideas
preconceptions determine our expectations. Let's try to think of one
candle. We will immediately be assailed by its more traditional image.
What do we expect from a candle? Simply that it illuminates the environment in
case of need or that serves as a piece of furniture. This is known in
psychology as "functional fixation".
We are so used to using the candle in a certain way that we don't
another possible use comes to mind other than lighting
or decoration. Obviously, this limits our creativity given that
we think in terms of predetermined functions. Now Tony McCaffrey has developed one
very interesting technique with which to prepare people to overcome the
functional fixation. First, take apart the different objects until you get there
to the basic pieces that make them up and asks people to name
each of these parts. Applying this technique we will meet
the wick of the candle. And if we continue with the associations in pure style
Freudian, the wick turns into a chain and then into a collar and so on
following. In this way, we will not only find different names for the wick but
also different uses applicable to the candle itself. It thus opens in front of the
our eyes a whole world of new possibilities. An experiment with incredible results The technique itself represents nothing
back into psychology, but the interesting thing is that McCaffrey tried to
experimental level its effectiveness. After preparing the people with the
his technique found that these were able to resolve 67% of
more problems that required creativity than the rest of the participants. For example, one of the problems consisted
when connecting two metal rings using only a candle. People
practice breaking down objects and finding new uses for parts
resulting, they immediately solved this problem and immediately realized
that the wick could be used to tie rings. Later, he wondered
participants to make an electrical circuit. Basically, they had to connect
two points to create a line of passage of the current but the cables of which
they arranged were too short. The solution was not long in coming: they took
the screwdriver to close the circuit and transmit electricity. As you can imagine, this technique
it has an immense field of application: wherever creativity is needed; Not
it matters whether it is a company or a private house.
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