Detox: cleanse your body and skin with watermelon

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Watermelon o watermelon: two names to identify a typically summer fruit which, among its many properties, also has that of detoxifying the body, starting with skin.

Cleanliness, favored bywatermelon, strengthens it, makes it more compact and elastic and helps it to better face the sun's rays. With the help of Sonia Bolognesi, nutrition biologist in Porto Sant'Elpidio (Fermo) and Osimo (), we will explain what it contains and how it works.

A fruit rich in beneficial substances

"Exist two varieties of the fruit: the Crimson Sweet watermelon, with a shape that resembles a oval sfera, with a dark green skin streaked with yellow and bright red pulp, and the Sugar Baby, the most common in the country, roundish, with uniform dark green rind and slightly pink pulp, dotted with black seeds. Both are endowed with remarkable purifying and detoxifying properties»Suggests the nutritionist. What do they contain? «They are composed for about 95% water and, in addition to a small percentage of carbohydrates and proteins, they have many trace elements, as mineral salts, including potassium, calcium, zinc and magnesium, in addition to vitamins A and C ».

The purifying action

Thanks to the extraordinary wealth of water and mineral salts, watermelon is one of the most effective fruits for detoxifying the body. «Its activity is carried out at the level of the main excretory organs of our body, therefore, as well as on liver and kidneys, it is very useful for deep clean the skin, free it from toxins and improve its appearance: counteracts impurities and so it keeps small rashes, acne and dermatitis under control.

The detox action and the presence of other important nutrients, namely polysaccharides andantioxidant lycopene make watermelon even a excellent ally for the perfect tan: the most recent studies have shown that it counteracts the damage caused by free radicals produced by exposure to the sun's rays, therefore it prevents cellular aging, spots, erythema and peeling », concludes Sonia Bolognesi.

More better if you consume it in combination with foods rich in probiotics, such as fermented milk (for example the kefir that you can make at home) or enriched yogurts that you find ready at the supermarket: these microorganisms in fact enhance their detoxifying activity.

The watermelon smoothie, fresh and dissenting

Watermelon lends itself to numerous recipes. You can also use it to make one Smoothie detoxifying.

You need them 100 g of watermelon, 120 ml of kefir, 4 ice cubes, 2 fresh mint leaves. Put the diced watermelon, kefir and ice in the blender and blend until creamy. Add the mint leaves and drink immediately.

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