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Il cous cous is a dish based on durum wheat semolina consisting of typical grains that are steamed and then rehydrated before consumption. It is native to North Africa but is now widespread all over the world.

We find precooked couscous, also in version integral, on sale in most supermarkets and shops. Preparing this type of couscous is really simple, as you just need to cover the semolina grains with boiling water, adding a pinch of salt and a drizzle of oil and letting it rest for about 10 minutes.

Couscous has a delicate flavor that is easy to combine with different ingredients for each season, with particular reference to vegetables. You can enrich it with legumes, seeds, dried fruit, spices and herbs in your city according to your tastes. Here is one collection of recipes easy for prepare the couscous.


Vegetarian couscous

Il Vegetable couscous is one of light vegetarian recipes easier and faster to prepare for lunch or dinner. In summer, couscous with vegetables can be enjoyed warm or cold. For the dressing you will need carrots, aubergines, tomatoes, courgettes and basil. Here is the recipe for vegetarian couscous.

Cous cous vegan

Il couscous in a vegan version it's really simple to prepare. It involves using only extra virgin olive oil as a condiment, without adding butter, and enriching this dish with seasonal vegetables, legumes, seeds and nuts. THU the recipe to inspire you.

Lebanese couscous with chickpeas and grape molasses

If you are looking for a different recipe for couscous than usual, here is the Lebanese version of couscous with chickpeas and grape molasses. In addition to the boiled chickpeas, you will need vegetable broth, garlic and onions. THU the recipe for Lebanese couscous. THU the recipe for making grape molasses.

Barley couscous with garden vegetables

Il barley couscous is an alternative to the classic durum wheat couscous that you can find in organic food stores if you want to vary your recipes. You can prepare this couscous with vegetables from your garden, depending on the season, for example carrots, courgettes, peppers, asparagus and aubergines. THU the barley couscous recipe.

Couscous with courgettes

Il couscous with courgettes it is an excellent first course suitable for hot summer days. It can also be enjoyed the next day, at room temperature and is perfectly suited for a lunch away from home, even in the office. In addition to the zucchini, you will need extra virgin olive oil and parsley. THU recipe.

Couscous and Swiss chard meatballs

These tasty vegetarian meatballs with couscous and chard they will help children to eat vegetables, they are simple to make, and with very few ingredients you will make the whole family happy with a tasty but at the same time healthy dish. Here the complete recipe.

Cous cous with chickpeas and baked eggplant


To obtain a dish rich and complete with different nutrients, it is important to combine legumes and vegetables with cereals. In this case you could use del wholemeal couscous together with chickpeas and baked aubergines to prepare for a really tasty first course. THU recipe.

8) Summer couscous with zucchini, tomatoes and basil

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With the ingredients that the garden puts at your disposal in the summer you can prepare a delicious couscous to be served even cold as if it were a rice salad. You will need courgettes, salad tomatoes, a handful of basil leaves, extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. THU recipe.

Vegan couscous with coral green beans and turmeric

Another one vegan version of couscous plans to enrich this dish with coral green beans cut into squares, chopped tomatoes, half an onion, extra virgin olive oil, water, salt and turmeric. Instead of plain water, you can use vegetable broth. Here is the recipe to follow.

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Sweet couscous with apples, almonds and pine nuts

And to top it off: have you ever thought of serve the couscous as a dessert instead of as a first course or single course? The neutral flavor of the couscous semolina allows you to use this ingredient also to prepare a dessert, for example by adding apples, almonds and pine nuts. THU the recipe to follow.

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