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Take the four morphotypes of Hippocrates (lymphatic, blood, bilious and nervous). Mix them with the endocrine biotypes described by the American endocrinologist Elliot Abravanel and with the constitutions of the French osteopathic school.

Four new ones result biotype, identikit of a woman designed by Dr. Massimo Spattini, specialist in nutrition sciences and sports medicine in Parma, author of the books The Com diet and localized weight loss and the Com Diet in practice.
«Com stands for chronormophodiet, the new holistic approach that helps lose weight and, above all, to stay healthy ”, explains Dr. Spattini. “It's based on the circadian rhythms of hormones and on the psychophysical characteristics of each biotype ".

Do you want to find out which of the 4 profiles do you belong Read below and mirrored in the description.


> Written by Dr. Massimo Spattini, who is also a bodybuilder, The Com diet and localized weight loss (ed. Tecniche Nuove, € 19,90) helps to lose weight critical points which are typical of each profile.

> Lots of tips and advice on lifestyle to find the lost line, together with the health.

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