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The biological value of proteins

Proteins, essential macronutrients for life, play an important role in what they play enzymatic, immunological and transport function inside our body. Their function is also structural, as they participate in the formation of cell membranes, gods muscles mostly.

The constituents of a protein supplement possess a certain biological value which provides the value of the protein it contains. If the value is high, the protein is of quality.

Scientifically this value indicates the quantity of nitrogen retained for maintenance and / or growth; it is established by verifying the quantity of nitrogen that is absorbed and used net of all eliminations by urinary, fecal excretions, etc.


Plant-based protein supplements

We start from the concept that if the diet is mainly plant-based and takes into account the right combination of foods, supplements are not needed. Or better, nature itself allows us to integrate.

Oil seeds, spices, fruit - we have a large reservoir of potential sources of energy. However, there are several vegetable protein supplements on the market based on various nutrients. Many of these supplements are meant for Vegetarians or by subjects lactose intolerant.

Which protein supplements to choose? Some advice on the most popular to guide the choice, then as soon as possible to make the choice is always good define your personal goal.


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Supplements with soy proteins

Among the most popular vegetable protein supplements we find those based on soy protein, which contain all the essential amino acids for muscle building, plus thearginine and glutamine, two amino acids known to stimulate the release of growth hormones.

They are useful for sculpting and toning your body without bulging the muscle too much. In some cases, these proteins can increase estrogen levels and reduce the ability of the hormone lipase to break down body fat (which is why men are often not encouraged to buy).

If, in addition to the protein intake, you also want to increase the omega-3 fatty acids the products with flax seed they are ideal. They can be used as such or in combination with other protein powders. They are high in fiber and contain essential fatty acids, especially omega-3s, and they are gluten-free.


Wheat protein supplements

Several sportsmen also use products based on proteins of the wheat. It is a viable alternative as it is highly digestible compared to many other animal protein sources. Rich in fundamental amino acids, with a neutral taste, they are protein sources of undisputed high quality.

Low carbohydrate and fat content. This type of nutritional supplement is used by athletes whose activity requires a remarkable daily muscle performance. Free of lactose and sugar, these proteins are very useful for those with intolerances to dairy products.


Unusual Pea Protein Supplements

The supplements also have a lot of protein concentration isolated pea proteins obtained from non-GMO agriculture; this protein contains an excellent combination of essential amino acids, namely lysine, arginine and glutamine, in addition to the 3 branched chain amino acids (BCAAs); they are highly recommended for those who want to quickly reach the sense of satiety.

In addition to the high protein concentration they contain other nutrients such as sugars, minerals and vitamins.


Hemp, rice and chia seed protein supplements

Other proteins are derived from hemp and from rice, in addition to the precious Chia seeds

Chia seeds originate from a floral plant called Salvia hispanica, from the Labiatae family, native to Guatemala and central and southern Mexico. The beneficial properties of these seeds are attested since the pre-Columbian age and were used to combat the inflammation and give vigor to the spirit and muscles; it is no coincidence that "chia" in Aztec means "force".

These seeds are extremely rich in football and in essential fatty acids omega3 and omega6. You can add them to muesli, use them as cake decorations or toast them and sprinkle them on a rich salad. 

Hemp-derived plant protein supplements are a source of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fiber, chlorophyll and have a balanced dose of essential and branched amino acids. They are ideal for the vegans looking for quality, high-fiber products.

Those based on proteins of the rice have a positive effect onintestine and on the function of absorption of sugars e regarding the muscle recovery; it follows that subjects with quite frequent gastrointestinal disorders can orient themselves on these.

They are usually bought in herbalists, parapharmacies and pharmacies.


Differences between plant-based and animal-based supplements

On the side of plant-based protein supplements you will never find whey-proteins derived from milk, casein, ovo-albumin.

These proteins are taken at breakfast, after training and before going to sleep, but they should not be integrated with normal meals or consumed immediately before training; they must be taken for a period of less than 6-8 weeks.

Compared to the proteins contained in plant-based supplements, they obviously have a stronger impact on metabolism and on the formation of muscle mass in the face, however, of ahigh possibility of developing allergies.

Among animal-based and plant-based protein supplements, we recommend the latter above all for a valid reason: in general, and for athletes specifically, it is better not to subject the body to an intake that causes hyper-work especially by the liver and kidneys.

If the renal and hepatic strain is excessive you risk damage due to the elimination of both fundamental amino acids both of nitrogenous slag. 


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