Chestnuts: 15 recipes of first courses, main courses and desserts

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Chestnuts, what a passion! We have already explained to you how to cook chestnuts in four different ways and how to store them. We also told you about the many dishes you can prepare with the Chestnut flour, beyond the classic castagnaccio.

Now we have decided to collect the best ones for you recipes to prepare with chestnuts that you will have the opportunity to collect or purchase this season. With the recipes we suggest you can prepare a themed menu, based on chestnuts, from appetizers to desserts. The time has come to experiment with many new recipes with chestnuts. Before starting to cook, however, do not forget to learn more the beneficial properties and nutritional values ​​of chestnuts.



Chestnut and spelled soup

Chestnut and spelled soup, here's how to prepare an excellent soup with the autumn fruit par excellence: the chestnut. In addition to chestnuts, you will need spelled, sage, rosemary, potatoes, leeks and vegetable broth. THU the complete recipe.

Cream of pumpkin and potatoes with chestnuts

Chestnuts lend themselves very well to the preparation of soups, as well as soups. To prepare the cream of pumpkin and potatoes with chestnuts in addition to the basic ingredients, you will need bay leaves, vegetable broth, extra virgin olive oil and apple vinegar. THU the complete recipe.

Pasta with chestnuts

A very interesting recipe to prepare a different dish of pasta than usual, with the dried chestnuts. They will serve you dry or fresh chestnuts, dried beans of the borlotti variety, pasta (ditalini are indicated) and extra virgin olive oil. THU recipe.

Chestnut risotto

Un autumn risotto perfect to serve as a first course. It is the chestnut risotto to be prepared with brown rice, boiled chestnuts, vegetable broth, onion, bay leaf, white wine and vegetable cream. You will have to prepare the classic chopped onion for cooking the risotto. You can also add pumpkin or mushrooms to the ingredients for chestnut risotto.

Chestnut and chickpea soup


To prepare this excellent chestnut and chickpea soup you will need boiled chickpeas, chestnuts to be boiled, a couple of garlic cloves, chopped tomato pulp, vegetable broth, rosemary, chilli and a couple of slices of Tuscan bread. Excellent for autumn dinners. THU recipe.

Main courses

Tempeh with chestnuts and apples

To prepare this second dish you will need a stick of Tempeh, apples (the recipe indicates annurche apples), bay leaves and sage, pomegranate grains, black pepper and a few other ingredients to flavor. A truly original and alternative second. THU the complete recipe.

Seitan and chestnuts stew

Do you want to try to prepare seitan in a different way than usual? Then get in the kitchen to make a nice plate of seitan stewed with chestnuts with chopped red onion, soy sauce, extra virgin olive oil, lemon, ginger and herbs from your city. THU the complete recipe.

Chestnut tofu

Here is a second dish he sees protagonists are tofu and chestnuts, simple to prepare and tasty. They will serve you plain tofu, red onions, red wine, extra virgin olive oil and herbs in your city, such as sage and bay leaf. THU the complete recipe.

Chestnut meatballs

The vegetarian recipe of chestnut balls plans to use ricotta, but if you are vegan you can easily replace the ricotta with tofu in a stick, after having blended it with a little water or with soft tofu (silken tofu). The result will still be excellent. Alternatively, you can combine chestnuts and boiled potatoes to form meatballs. THU the recipe for chestnut meatballs from which to draw inspiration.

Chestnut salad

A Autumn salad really original and tasty. You can prepare it with mixed green salad, roasted chestnuts, dried apricots, shelled almonds, fennel, chives, lemon juice, slices of bread, perhaps toasted. THU the complete recipe for autumn chestnut salad.


Marron glace

Here is one of the most classic chestnut-based preparations: Marron Glacé. In addition to chestnuts, all you need is brown sugar, water, a pinch of salt and a vanilla pod or vanilla powder. THU the complete recipe.


To prepare this fabulous pudding a basis of chestnuts: Montblanc you will need a few simple ingredients, chestnuts are essential, but preferably chestnuts. Here is the recipe to follow step by step.

Chestnut jam

La Chestnut jam it is really delicious to spread on bread. Usually the recipes to prepare it include white sugar, but you can try replacing it with whole cane sugar. You could prepare chestnut jams to give as a gift at Christmas. THU recipe.

Chestnut and chocolate balls


A truly delicious recipe to prepare as a dessert. For these bon-bon of chestnuts you will need dried chestnuts, dark chocolate, a pinch of salt and sugar for the covering. You can obtain the icing sugar by finely chopping the brown sugar or replace the sugar of the covering with coconut flour or finely chopped almonds (or almond flour). THU the complete recipe.

Chestnuts in rum syrup

Another great classic to keep in a jar. Here are the chestnuts in rum syrup. You can also prepare the syrup with brown sugar or with other natural sweeteners to replace white sugar. THU the complete recipe to prepare chestnuts in rum syrup.

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