Castor beans, properties and how to use them

I castor seeds they are obtained from the Ricinus communis L. plant, the only species of the Ricinus family. L'oil that is obtained from them is non-toxic and useful not only for coughs, colds and inflammations, but also in natural cosmetics. Let's find out better.

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Castor beans, properties and how to use them



Main nutrients of castor beans

The castor plant (Ricinus communis L.) is highly toxic due to a protein, ricin, which has its highest concentration in the seeds.
Il lipid content of these oil seeds corresponds to about 40% of the product while that 20% protein.

L'oil extracted from castor beans is non-toxic, in fact ricin is not soluble in oil and remains on the pressing panel during the cold pressing of the seeds.

Castor oil is made up of 90% ricinoleic acid, present in nature only in the seeds of this plant.



Castor beans are highly toxic due to ricin and can cause ailments such as vomiting, hemorrhages, arrhythmia, convulsions and even coma e death.

From these seeds, known already in ancient Egypt, a very versatile and above all non-toxic oil is obtained, used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry but also as a component of lubricants and paints.

As a natural cure and remedycastor oil is known for his laxative properties: a teaspoon of this oil produces a purgative effect in 6-12 hours.
It also has poteri antisettici that fight typical seasonal ailments such as colds.
- castor oil compresses they seem to have a lot of healing properties: they are used to cure arthritis, infections, swelling, inflammation of the nerves, headache and even to normalize menstruation.

Castor oil is great ally of our beauty, in particular for the skin and hair care. Applied to the skin, it fights skin infections, L 'acne he eczema and it is a very powerful anti-wrinkle. Spread on the hair or added to the cream that is usually used after shampooing, castor oil restores the dry and brittle hair the right tone and nourishment, effectively fighting split ends.

Another property of this oil is that of thicken the lashes and here's a trick of natural cosmetics: using the bottle of an old mascara you can apply castor oil every evening with the brush on the lashes which, in a few days, will be thicker, darker and stronger.


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Castor beans, properties and how to use them


Castor bean oil is umettante, that is, it retains the water molecules in contact with the skin, keeping it hydrated for a long time, which is why it is an ingredient often present in soaps.
Create a natural soap handmade can be a lot of fun as well as give us the satisfaction of using a product made with our favorite perfumes and ingredients.

Thanks to the combination of vegetable oils, flowers, spices and essential oils, we will obtain colored soap sticks full of well-being, but above all personalized. The castor oil in the soap creates, by rubbing and in contact with water, a pleasant foam, fine and silky.


Castor beans in the kitchen

Castor oil is not used in cooking.




Castor oil among the ingredients to prepare eye make-up remover at home


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