Cakes without oven: 10 delicious vegan recipes

After bread without oven, here are the cakes without baking. To prepare a good cake it is not always necessary to bake it in the oven. Especially in summer you can prepare sweets and cakes without cooking and without oven to serve as a snack or dessert.

Some no-bake pies are truly spectacular. You will get fantastic decorations if you make them carefully and so you will amaze your guests with the creativity and taste of an unusual cake.

Here is a collection of ten cakes without oven that you can add to your notebook vegetarian recipes or vegan. Below you will find no-bake cake recipes for all tastes.

name="light-fruit-tart">Light fruit tart


A light fruit tart with a base of dry biscuits and banana and decorated with melon is perfect for a dessert to be served at the end of a meal, light and tasty at the same time, but also as a snack for your children. This fruit tart is also very quick and easy to make. THU recipe.

name="banana-cake-and-berries">Banana cake and berries


To prepare the creamy layer of this cake, you will need some bananas and frozen strawberries or berries. For the outside you will need dates, oranges, cashews and water. THU the complete recipe.

name="chocolate-cake">Chocolate cake

With a few simple ingredients you can prepare one no-bake chocolate cake baked good mouth-watering. For example, you will need very ripe bananas, cocoa powder, chocolate chips and mint leaves. THU the complete recipe.


Coconut and lime cheesecake


Here's an idea for making one at home cheese cake uncooked with a base of dry cereal biscuits, Greek yogurt, coconut flakes, and lime. Very quick to prepare, it will then have to rest in the fridge for four to six hours. THU recipe.

Strawberry tiramisu


The classic coffee tiramisu does not require cooking in the oven. It is a fresh dessert that is excellent to serve in the summer. As an alternative to the original version, you can prepare a vegan strawberry tiramisu, especially in the summer when they are in season. THU recipe.

Cake with raspberry cream


A no-bake cake to prepare by making one cream based on raspberries, which will go perfectly with the taste of almonds and cashews that you will need for the filling. THU the recipe to prepare this delight.

Blueberry pie


To make the basis of this blueberry pie they don't serve biscuits, but a mix of almonds, dates and cashews. To get the cream you will need cream cheese, fresh blueberries and honey. THU the recipe to follow.

Mint and chocolate cake


If you lovematching mint and chocolate, you can't miss this fantastic no-bake cake in which you can use dark chocolate chips and fresh mint leaves. THU the complete recipe of the chocolate and mint cake without cooking.

Flowery cake


This no-bake pie looks truly spectacular, given come on fresh flowers used for decoration. You can be inspired by this idea to make your cakes even more beautiful. For the base you will need dates and almonds, for the cream cashews and blueberries. THU recipe.

Peach cake


Would you like to prepare one birthday cake with seasonal fruit? When you have ripe and juicy peaches available, remember this idea to prepare a great no-bake cake to garnish with peaches. THU recipe.


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