Breakfast: what to eat to feel full of energy

    Breakfast: what to eat to feel full of energy

    by Valeria Ghitti

    Starting off on the right foot, getting your body and mind back in motion efficiently: this is what the first meal of the day. And it's worth even more if you lead one very stressful lifestyle. “Those under pressure tend to have continuos power drops, which tries to compensate by consuming simple sugars.

    These, however, cause abruptness changes in blood sugar, which in turn promote nervousness, irritability, headache and new hunger pangs. A vicious circle from which it is difficult to escape ", warns Serena Missori, nutritionist endocrinologist, author of Antiaging and Antistress for everyone (LSWR editions). It is therefore imperative that breakfast provides long lasting energy, all morning


    «Bread, flakes, rusks and wholemeal bread they contain more fiber than their refined analogues and have a lower glycemic index, which allows you to maintain a stable level of sugar in the blood ”, explains the nutritionist. “They are also rich in tryptophan, from which the body derives serotonin, the good mood hormone, which makes you feel energetic and awake; then they abound in phenylalanine and tyrosine, necessary to produce the dopamine (the neurotransmitter of gratification) e B vitamins, essential for promoting the synthesis of both neurotransmitters.

    In addition, the fresh fruit of the season, rich in vitamins and antioxidants that counteract the free radicals produced by stress. «When consumed naturally, fructose is absorbed slowly and the fibers they give you more satiety. No bananas, however, because they are rich in tyramine, which stimulates the sympathetic nervous system by increasing the irritability », continues the nutritionist. “Don't forget the dried fruit or oil seeds (pumpkin or sunflower) that they bring Omega 3, healthy fats that positively stimulate the metabolism ». The protein (present in dried fruit, but also in yogurt, ham and eggs), which favor clarity and energy.


    “These drinks they increase nervousness and irritability»Explains Dr. Missori. "Better one instead hawthorn herbal tea which favors a vigilant calm ». And since hyper-fatigue (mental or physical) increases free radicals and waste, purifying drinks and antioxidants are needed: "Matcha tea is excellent, rich in epigallocatechins, better if flavored with cinnamon, spice that stabilizes blood sugar and reduces hunger. Also try the chicory coffee: detoxifies e is good for the microbiota, that is to the intestinal bacterial flora, which is altered under stress », concludes the expert. 


    • One whole yogurt, with whole grain and oilseed flakes; a cup of berries; hawthorn tea.
    • Two slices of cereal bread with a thin layer of butter clarified (or almond cream) and jam without added sugar; chicory coffee


    • Un wholemeal toast with raw ham and almond butter and a red apple; matcha tea.
    • Two scrambled eggs with two slices of slow-rising bread; a handful of nuts; chicory coffee.

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