Beyond Meat's 'non-meat' burgers land in Lidl supermarkets

    Beyond Meat's 'non-meat' burgers land in Lidl supermarkets

    Beyond Meat's vegan burgers land in Lidl supermarkets. Not in your country. The stores in Germany will be marketed from 29 May next.

    The news is Peta, according to which Beyond Meat's vegetable meatballs will be available in all 3.200 Lidl stores.

    The "meat not meat" now seems to have become popular in the US, where it can be purchased everywhere, in the meat counters of supermarkets and in some fast food chains. Even McDonalds has integrated a vegan burger into the menu, albeit not made by Beyond Meat.

    Now his success seems to have brought him to Germany as well. Made with pea protein but without GMOs and gluten, Beyond Meat burgers have already landed in your country last year at the Welldone chain. They have recently also come in the form of meatballs.

    “We follow food trends and innovations closely and are delighted to be the first food retailer in Germany to offer our customers the famous Beyond Meat Burger. For vegetarians and vegans, we regularly have new products in our range and a large selection. With vegan burgers, which have a meaty texture and the smell and taste of a traditional burger, we offer meat lovers an almost perfect alternative. We are really excited to see how the action will be accepted " he said Jan Bock, Lidl Germany Purchasing Manager.

    We do not yet know if, as the Lidl manager says, the Beyond Meat burgers will be able to convince the palates of those who do not consume meat by ethical or health choice. The fact that they come spread through large retailers shows that the Los Angeles-based company of the same name is trying to reach as many consumers as possible.

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