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    Believe in yourself! 100 ideas and exercises to do it

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    Believe in yourself and everything becomes possible.

    Until you appreciate yourself, you don't value your time. Until you value your time, you won't do anything with it.

    M. Scott Peck

    These simple 4 words bring to life one of the most repeated phrases ever by motivational gurus.

    In this article we will find out what's behind the statement "believe in yourself"And how to really believe it.

    We begin to understand why it is so important to believe in yourself.

    Believe in yourself! Why is it so important?

    In recent years these simple words "believe in yourself”Have almost become a mantra that many have abused, causing a very important concept to lose its strength and meaning.

    In fact, the concept of believing in what we do is often laughed at by people who probably don't understand its real meaning.

    There are so many reasons to believe in ourselves, but the first that comes to mind is the simplest.

    If we do not consider ourselves capable of doing a certain thing, that is, if we do not believe we can reach a certain goal, we will not reach it.

    Believing in yourself is the first step to give yourself at least a chance to succeed in life, work, study and even in sport.

    In conclusion: believe in yourself.

    The list you will read is intended to push you to go deeper in why each idea deserves a separate article to be thorough.

    Behind some writing exercises, in fact, there are real techniques to believe in yourself that I have not been able to deepen in this article.

    If you want something more deep and powerful read the article to the end.

    100 practical ideas to believe in yourself

    1. Accept self-esteem as your responsibility
    2. Set yourself a small goal every day and achieve it
    3. Start playing a sport (preferably as a team)
    4. Raise awareness of yourself with this devastating technique
    5. Write a gratitude journal
    6. Know yourself
    7. Help a person in need
    8. Do something to stimulate your creativity
    9. Read a good book (start from this list)
    10. Write down 10 things you appreciate about your life
    11. Deal with a situation that makes you slightly uncomfortable
    12. Re-evaluate your past
    13. Write a letter to yourself in the past and one to yourself in the future
    14. Perfect your posture and posture
    15. Learn to communicate assertively
    16. Make a list of all your skills
    17. Learn to maintain eye contact with people
    18. Keep focused on the here and now
    19. Get rid of the energy vampires around you
    20. Learn to live with your flaws by accepting them
    21. Look after your physical appearance (even if they tell you not to)
    22. Write down any concerns you have about your future
    23. Write a personal journal
    24. Make a list of the most important experiences you have had
    25. Invest in your personal and professional growth
    26. Ask the 3 people you care about most to list 5 of your strengths that they envy you
    27. Work deeply on your ego
    28. Get rid of what systematically lowers your morale
    29. Remember that no one is perfect
    30. Write down your definition of success
    31. Get rid of super heroes
    32. Stop comparing yourself to others
    33. Learn to be resilient
    34. Accept what you cannot control
    35. Be grateful for what you have
    36. Develop your self-efficacy
    37. Find the look that suits you that can enhance you
    38. Give your actions the right weight
    39. Don't just trust your perceptions and rationalize your behavior
    40. Make a commitment publicly (and then keep it)
    41. Keep your space clean and tidy
    42. Write your bio
    43. Smile a little more
    44. Do targeted self-esteem exercises
    45. Create your long-term life plan
    46. Motivate yourself by writing what you would do if you were sure of yourself
    47. Learn to be respected
    48. Don't take small daily goals for granted
    49. Write down 5 events in which you felt confident
    50. Find out the causes of your low self-esteem
    51. Learn to have the answer always ready
    52. Don't be obsessed with perfection
    53. Become your own best friend
    54. Don't overdo the self-criticism
    55. Understand how self-fulfilling prophecy works
    56. Get out of the judgment of others
    57. Respect your body by nourishing yourself better
    58. Value your lifestyle
    59. Stop making castles in the air
    60. Find out if you are extroverted or introverted
    61. Keep an old promise
    62. Re-evaluate the criticisms you receive and discern the constructive ones from the destructive ones
    63. Visualize your success instead of your failure
    64. Talk to strangers (every day)
    65. Learn to be yourself without impersonating a poor character
    66. Increase your willpower
    67. Accept failure as part of your journey
    68. Become the protagonist of your life
    69. Get effective and learn to manage your time
    70. Read Honda's incredible story
    71. Develop some healthy selfishness
    72. Act on the context that doesn't make you believe in yourself
    73. Engage in what you do (even in the little things)
    74. Hang out with confident people
    75. Get out of the comfort zone
    76. Accept your body as it is and accept the challenge of change
    77. Find your originality
    78. Find the comic side of your fears
    79. Give up limiting beliefs related to your self-esteem
    80. Give up unnecessary comparisons with others
    81. Change your habits
    82. Take advantage of self-irony, it is a very powerful weapon
    83. Talk about your insecurities with a loved one
    84. Maintain your internal dialogue with positive affirmations
    85. Start a class of something you are passionate about
    86. Take care of your things
    87. Speak a little slower
    88. Tidy up your desk
    89. Treat yourself the way you would treat your best friend
    90. Stop procrastinating
    91. Identify your values ​​and respect them consistently with yourself
    92. Prioritize your needs
    93. Stop criticizing yourself through others
    94. Develop an assertive personality
    95. Know your 3 fundamental rights
    96. Recall the successes of your past
    97. Celebrate and celebrate your achievements
    98. Learn to accept compliments
    99. Make working on yourself a constant
    100. Discover the True Self-Esteem course

    Believe in yourself without becoming a balloon

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