Don't let anyone erase your smile

Don't let anyone erase your smile

Bad days come by themselves, but good days have to be looked for and with a smile it will be easier to find them.

Don't let anyone erase your smile

Last update: January 14, 2022

Don't let anyone erase your smile. Run, live and have fun. Remove the chains that bind you to your fears, get rid of the uncertainty that disapproves of you and dares to live your way.

Take off your shoes to feel the wet grass, notice how the leaves tremble between your toes and the air. Do a handstand if you want to touch the sky with your feet. Do what you want, as long as it makes you happy so you can show off your most beautiful smile, the one that suits you so well.

Do things your way because that's who you are and you already know that la happiness happens by chance in one of the few negligent oversights.

Remember that you only live once and that it is better to make one's existence useful. Is there a better investment in our most precious resource, time?

Pay less attention to what others think or say about you. It's called envy and it's their way of making you feel bad.

It is me when I smile, just as I am when I am sad. Both emotions are part of me and they both describe me at times. I will never deny any of them because it would be the first step to deny a part of me, by stopping to cultivate my self-love.

Wear your biggest smile and share it with the world

Share your smile with the world because a smile has immense value. A smile makes those who receive it feel good and also those who show it. Being generous with a smile costs nothing. It may last a second, but the memory it leaves at times is eternal.

The smile is that curve that softens the face and illuminates the look. But only real smiles do, they don't matter if they hide the pain behind. When one tries to expose him with what one considers the appropriate emotion he is deprived of value.

“Even a happy life cannot be measured without darkness. The word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness. "

-Carl Gustav Jung-

You have a right to be sad, just as you have a right to be happy. Both emotions deserve the same freedom of expression. Don't be ashamed of not being in tune with those around you, be yourself and your emotions have the same value as those of others.

You don't hurt if you express yourself, you don't hurt if you smile, you only show your best face in the world, your authenticity.

"Emotions are felt, felt, recognized, but only a part of them can be expressed in words or concepts"

-Laura Esquivel-

Do not let anyone erase your smile, live in happiness

Life must be lived at full volume, with laughter, screams and bites. Life must be savored with all the senses. We must enjoy every second of the present without letting ourselves be tormented by the past, because the past is gone and we can no longer do anything to change it.

The present is in your hands and escapes every second spent feeling bad. Bad days come by themselves, good days must be sought and with a smile it will be easier to find them.

Don't erase your smile, science advises

Numerous studies have shown that taking things in a good mood and smiling increases emotional well-being.

Smiling and, to a greater extent, laughing stimulate the release of dopamine, serotonin and endorphins, so we are better. On top of that, smiling lowers stress-induced cortisol levels. So what are you waiting for to smile?

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