Baked potatoes: recipes to make them crunchy, au gratin or stuffed

You are looking for the trick to prepare crispy baked potatoes, practically perfect? Or maybe you would like to experiment with new ones recipes potato-based, to always be prepared in the oven, for example potatoes au gratin or stuffed potatoes.

We have collected for you a series of tips and recipes that will help you prepare fantastic baked potatoes. The recipes will serve you as a starting point and you can always modify them according to your tastes and needs.

The secret to making crispy baked potatoes

Maybe some of you already know this 'secret' to prepare crispy baked potatoes, while others may not yet be aware of it. It involves boiling the potatoes a little before putting them in the oven. You can boil them for 4 or 5 minutes or a little longer. Boiling will reduce cooking times in the oven. Here are all the tips to follow.

2) Baked potatoes with onion

Baked potatoes with onion are an excellent variant of the classic side dish that is very popular with young and old. A simple and poor dish enriched by the flavor of seasonal spring fruits that make it so appetizing. Also to be prepared in advance, the baked potatoes with onion they can be eaten both hot and at room temperature, so they can be safely cooked in the coolest hours of the day and be then serve directly without being reheated.
With a delicate taste, baked potatoes with onion have a soft texture and a succulent and inviting crust on the surface. Here the complete recipe.

Crispy baked potatoes with the grill

: At Cris's house

A few more tips for making really crunchy baked potatoes. After blanching them for a few minutes, the advice is to dry them well before placing them on baking paper, so that any water present does not hinder the crunchiness. Furthermore, to brown the potatoes, the advice is to cook them by operating the oven grill during the last 10 minutes of preparation. You would like to give it a try. THU the instructions of the blog A casa di Cris.

Crispy baked potatoes, not fried

: Cooking Blog

Here is another trick to combine, if you like, with your personal recipe for preparing baked potatoes. It is about eliminate at least part of the starch before cooking by rinsing the potatoes well in cold water and then leaving them immersed in water for about ten minutes. There are those who then dry the potatoes and put them in the oven when they are still raw and those who prefer to blanch them a little before putting them in the oven. THU find some interesting tips.

Baked potatoes au gratin with mozzarella

: That I cook

Among the ingredients most used to prepare baked potatoes au gratin we find mozzarella, rosemary and breadcrumbs. Vegans will be able to replace classic mozzarella with vegetable mozzarella to experiment with this recipe anyway. THU all instructions.

Baked potatoes au gratin with vegetables

: Kika Kitchen

You can combine the preparation of your baked potatoes au gratin with seasonal vegetables you prefer. Depending on the time of year you can choose, for example, pumpkin and cauliflower, or peppers and courgettes. THU the recipe from which to draw inspiration.

Baked potatoes au gratin and crunchy

: About my bakery

Prepare some baked potatoes au gratin and crispy, practically perfect, it's very simple. The advice is to add breadcrumbs, preferably in your city, and to cook everything at high temperature. THU the recipe to follow.

Stuffed potatoes in the oven, American recipe

: Taste Blog

There are really many recipes for making stuffed potatoes the oven. You can choose your favorite ingredients and easily adapt the filling to a vegetarian or vegan version of the recipe you are inspired by. For example, from the classic American recipe to prepare stuffed potatoes in the oven, you can omit the salmon to get a vegetarian version. Here a useful starting point.

9) Baked potatoes, stuffed baked potatoes

: Fiestafarms

La baked potatoesthe stuffed baked potatoes, are a typical recipe of the Anglo-Saxon tradition. The basic preparation is declined with the use of different ingredients from one country to another. In Ireland, baked potatoes are often simply seasoned with a little butter and flavored with a pinch of salt. THU many recipes to experiment with to prepare baked potatoes.

Baked potatoes stuffed with agretti

Here's one more idea to add to classic stuffed baked potato recipes. These are baked potatoes stuffed with agretti. The recipe is very simple to make, you will have to prepare a stuffing of agretti and stracchino and bake them. Here is the complete recipe to follow.

Which ones are they your tricks to make crispy baked potatoes?

: Robertsons

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