Baked Potatoes: 10 Stuffed Baked Potato Recipes

La baked potatoesthe stuffed baked potatoes, are a typical recipe of the Anglo-Saxon tradition. The basic preparation is declined with the use of different ingredients from one country to another. In Ireland, baked potatoes are often simply seasoned with a little butter and flavored with a pinch of salt. According to tradition, baked potatoes, or jacket potatoes, should be cooked in a wood oven or on the barbeque.

Basic recipe

Baked Potatoes: 10 Stuffed Baked Potato Recipes

La basic preparation of baked potatoes requires washing and brushing the potatoes well for Bake without peeling them. You will have to prick them with a fork and leave them to cook at 180 ° C for about 45-60 minutes, until they are very soft inside (check with a toothpick). They are prepared with or without cartouche. For the foil, to replace the foil you can use baking paper. Once ready, let them cool, divide them in half and hollow them out slightly inside, to be able to stuff them well. Finally, heat them in a pan before serving, or grill them in the oven.


Baked stuffed potatoes with agretti

Baked Potatoes: 10 Stuffed Baked Potato Recipes

To get one stuffing for your potatoes stuffed with agretti, prepare a sauce based on potatoes, agretti and stracchino. If you follow a cruelty free diet, you can replace the stracchino with a rice-based vegetable cheese. Here the complete recipe.

Potatoes stuffed with pesto

Baked Potatoes: 10 Stuffed Baked Potato Recipes

We can prepare baked potatoes in a thousand ways, adapting them to our tastes and your country's tradition. For example, seasoning them with good homemade pesto. After taking them out of the oven and dividing them in half, lightly hollow out the potatoes, mash a part of their pulp and mix it with our basil pesto. You can also season with salt and pepper and add mozzarella or other types of cheese.

Greek-style stuffed potatoes

Baked Potatoes: 10 Stuffed Baked Potato Recipes

There are numerous variations of Greek stuffed potatoes, which include the use of both classic Greek yogurt and locally produced cheeses. To prepare the filling, you can combine black olives cut into rounds, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and tomato sauce, as well as herbs from your city such as oregano and chives.

Vegan baked potatoes

Baked Potatoes: 10 Stuffed Baked Potato Recipes

To prepare vegan baked potatoes, you can substitute sour cream or Greek yogurt from vegetable cream or the tofu smoothie. Season your potatoes with chives and extra virgin olive oil. Season them with salt and pepper. You can enrich the preparation with olives, mushrooms or breadcrumbs.

Potatoes stuffed with avocado

Baked Potatoes: 10 Stuffed Baked Potato Recipes

To give an exotic and original touch to your stuffed potatoes, you can decide to stuff them with avocado. The Greek recipe of mini potatoes stuffed with avocado plans to complete the filling with feta cheese, artichoke hearts, celery sticks and black olives. You can blend the feta with a drizzle of oil to create a fresh and creamy filling.

Baked potatoes irlandesi

Baked Potatoes: 10 Stuffed Baked Potato Recipes

If you are lucky enough to take a trip to the Ireland, you could take the opportunity to taste traditional beked potatoes, stuffed with the typical cheese Cheddar. Try to imitate the preparation using the same type of cheese - or similar - to add it to the mashed potatoes and to pieces of onion or shallot to make the filling.

Baked potatoes with chives

Baked Potatoes: 10 Stuffed Baked Potato Recipes

In United States the stuffing of stuffed baked potatoes involves the use of sour cream e chive. For 4 baked potatoes you will need 280 ml of sour cream, 80 g of fresh chives, salt and pepper to flavor and a pinch of mustard powder. After having cooked the potatoes in the oven, divide them into two parts, hollow them out slightly and fill them with the sour cream, which you will have seasoned with the chives and other ingredients. You can substitute sour cream with Greek yogurt

Baked potatoes alle carote

Baked Potatoes: 10 Stuffed Baked Potato Recipes

To give a touch of color to the filling of your stuffed potatoes, you can use carrots. Prepare one puree of boiled carrots to mix with sour cream, Greek yogurt or vegetable cream. Season with herbs in your city and garnish your baked potatoes with carrots cut into sticks.

Stuffed potatoes with curry

Baked Potatoes: 10 Stuffed Baked Potato Recipes

Among the many variations to prepare stuffed baked potatoes, there is one prescription which recalls the flavors ofIndia. In this case, for the filling you can use peas, carrots cut into cubes and slices of onion. Season the dressing with the typical spices of Indian tradition, as ginger, turmeric, cumin, coriander and mustard. You can use the powder mixes for the curry of fair trade.

Potatoes stuffed with beans and spinach

Baked Potatoes: 10 Stuffed Baked Potato Recipes

You can prepare your baked potatoes both with classic potatoes and with sweet potatoes. To obtain a filling rich in flavor and very tasty, stir-fry White beans already boiled together with spinach, cabbage or savoy cabbage leaves. Complete the dressing with extra virgin olive oil and flakes of Chili pepper (if you love spicy).


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