BaccalĂ  alla Vicentina: Nutritional Properties, Role in Diet and How to Cook

BaccalĂ  alla Vicentina: Nutritional Properties, Role in Diet and How to Cook

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That of cod alla vicentina is a typical preparation of your country, of the Veneto region and more precisely of the province of Vicenza.

The protagonist of countless variations and customizations, rather difficult and laborious to cook, the cod alla vicentina is probably the most famous dried cod recipe of all.

Warning! BaccalĂ  alla Vicentina should not be confused with BaccalĂ  Mantecato, instead typically Venetian, or with BaccalĂ  alla Veneta - a recipe also proposed by Alice, our Personal Cooker, which you can see by clicking below!

Cod alla Veneta

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A clarification must then be made: the cod alla vicentina is not based on cod. In fact, in these territories, both the stockfish - the "real" ingredient of this preparation, dried in the wind - and the cod - which we remember being salted, are identified with the same name. Despite the substantial difference between the two preserved products, which are united only by the raw raw material of departure (Atlantic cod or common cod), the misunderstanding is actually quite frequent. As if that were not enough, many do not know that there is actually a rather wide range of stockfish; the one recommended for Vicenza-style cod is the "spider" variety.

The cod alla vicentina is a rather caloric recipe, rich in fat; it also has a good protein, vitamin and mineral intake, but it certainly cannot be defined as a food that is suitable for ordinary nutrition, much less in the presence of overweight and / or metabolic complications. Its role in the diet is therefore marginal and does not contribute significantly to filling the macro- and micro-nutritional needs of the population - not even the local one, where it is consumed more than in other areas of your country.

The cod alla vicentina does not fully preserve the nutritional characteristics of cod. This, very satiating, low in energy and nutritious - rich in polyunsaturated semi-essential omega 3 fats (eicosapentaenoic acid EPA and docosahexaenoic DHA) - vitamin D (calciferol), many of the B group, iron, phosphorus and iodine, would instead be perfect in the ordinary diet and also in nutritional therapy against overweight and metabolic pathologies.

The Vicenza-style cod recipe is quite complicated. It takes a long time, especially necessary for the rehydration of the stockfish. The cooking is then divided into two phases, the first of which lasts about sixty minutes, while the second up to five hours. If we consider that a good stockfish is certainly not around the corner, it is therefore deductible that the planning of the recipe takes almost a week in advance.

Nutritional Properties

Nutritional properties of cod alla vicentina

That of cod alla vicentina is a fairly energetic recipe, whose calories come first from lipids, followed by proteins and finally from carbohydrates. Fatty acids are mainly unsaturated, peptides of high biological value and soluble carbohydrates (mono and disaccharides).

Contains fibers in small quantities; the same goes for cholesterol. It provides gluten, lactose, purines and phenylalanine amino acids at significant levels, which means that they can harm hypersensitive individuals. It is possible that, in case of intolerance, the histamine concentration can also be problematic.

The cod alla vicentina has an interesting vitamin profile, even if the very prolonged cooking tends to impoverish it significantly. It has an excellent concentration of water-soluble molecules of group B, for example thiamine (vit B1), riboflavin (vit B2), niacin (vit PP), pyridoxine (vit B6) and cobalamin (vit B12). There are also liposoluble molecules, such as retinol and its equivalents (vit A and RAE) and calciferol (vit D). With regard to minerals, the levels of phosphorus, iron, zinc and iodine stand out above all.

Cod and stockfish, in cooked recipes, do not show significant health and hygiene risks; the danger of Anisakis simplex infestation, viral or bacterial infections, poisoning by bacterial or algal toxins, etc. is reduced to 0. This does not mean that, like all foodstuffs, it can be cross-contaminated during processing or due to inappropriate hygiene practices of the kitchen operator.


nourisher Quantity'
Acqua 86,61 g
Protein 5,23 g
Lipids 10,70 g
Saturated Fatty Acids 1,97 g
Monounsaturated Fatty Acids 7,64 g
Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids 0,97 g
Cholesterol 13,10 mg
Carbohydrates TOT 1,86 g
Starch / Glycogen g
Soluble sugars g
Dietary Fiber 0,22 g
Soluble g
Insoluble g
Energy law 125,35 kcal
Sodium 25,70 mg
Potassium 99,5 mg
Iron 0,19 mg
Soccer 31,25 mg
Phosphorus and Potassium 111,5 mg
Magnesium - mg
Zinc 0,44 mg
Copper - mg
Selenium - mcg
Thiamine or Vitamin B1 0,03 mg
Riboflavin or vitamin B2 0,05 mg
Niacina o vitamina PP 0,62 mg
Vitamin B6 0,29 mg
folate 1,69 mcg
Vitamin B12 - mcg
Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid 1,35 mg
Vitamina A o RAE 9,55 RAE
Vitamin D - IU
Vitamin K - mcg
Vitamin E and Alpha Tocopherol 2,36 mg


BaccalĂ  alla vicentina in the diet

The cod alla vicentina is not an easily digestible food. It is therefore inappropriate, especially in meals that precede sleep, in case of impairments and dysfunctions of the stomach and esophagus such as: dyspepsia, stomach acidity, hypochlorhydria, gastritis, gastric or duodenal ulcer, hiatal hernia and excess reflux or disease gastroesophageal reflux.

The cod alla vicentina is not particularly suitable in nutritional therapy against overweight, due to the excess calories attributable above all to the surplus of lipids. In the case of metabolic diseases, its relevance varies according to the disorder. For the average level of saturated fat and cholesterol, and for the presence of polyunsaturated omega 3 seeds essential EPA and DHA - as well as monounsaturated omega 9 - it can be occasionally included in the diet against hypercholesterolemia. It does not have a glycemic load such as to negatively affect the diet for type 2 diabetes mellitus and hypertriglyceridemia, but it is still advisable not to exceed it. Respecting the original recipe, which uses stockfish and not cod, avoiding adding salt, sodium sensitive is also relevant in the diet against primary arterial hypertension; vice versa, it is essential to extend the desalting phase as much as possible by changing the water often. The cod alla vicentina should instead be avoided in case of hyperuricemia, especially with gouty attacks, and a tendency to kidney lithiasis (stones) due to uric acid. Nor is it relevant to dietary therapy against phenylketonuria. It should be totally excluded from the celiac and lactose intolerant regime; even in the case of histamine intolerance, this recipe can lead to some adverse reactions - which however often depend on individual sensitivity.

Rich in high biological value proteins, it is instead very useful in the diet of those who find themselves in a condition of increased need for all essential amino acids; for example: pregnancy and breastfeeding, growth, extremely intense and / or prolonged sporting practice, old age - for eating disorder and tendency to geriatric malabsorption - pathological malabsorption, recovery from specific or generalized malnutrition, defedation, etc.

The cod alla vicentina contributes to the satisfaction of the need for phosphorus, a very abundant mineral in the body - in particular in the bones in the form of hydroxyapatite, in the phospholipids of cell membranes and in nervous tissue etc. It is an appreciable source of bioavailable iron and participates in covering its metabolic needs, higher in fertile, pregnant women, marathon runners and vegetarians - especially vegans who, of course, would never eat this food. Note: iron deficiency can cause iron deficiency anemia. The zinc content - essential for hormonal and enzymatic antioxidant production - is appreciable but not particularly high. Iodine is a microelement necessary for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland, as it is an essential constituent of the hormones T3 and T4.

Cod alla Vicentina is very rich in B vitamins, all coenzyme factors of great importance in cellular processes. It can therefore be considered an excellent support for the functioning of the various body tissues; it abounds in vitamin B12, which is especially important during gestation. Retinol (vit A proper) is instead necessary for maintaining visual and reproductive function and cell differentiation; the equivalent retinol instead - for example the carotenoids, vitamin precursors of the previous one - have an antioxidant effect. Vitamin D or calciferol, rare in foods, is necessary for skeletal metabolism and decisively supports the immune system.

The cod alla vicentina does not respect vegan and vegetarian criteria. Furthermore, it is not suitable for the Hindu and Buddhist religious diet; due to the association between milk and fish, it is also unsuitable for the Jewish regime. It does not seem to have contraindications for Muslims.

The average portion of not too dry cooked cod alla vicentina is about 100 g.


How is cod alla vicentina cooked?

Below we will propose one of the many recipes of cod alla vicentina - obviously this is not an "official" formula, much less "more correct than the others".

Ingredients of cod alla vicentina for 4 people

  • Stockfish (better the "spider" type) - 300 g (alternatively you can use cod, but you need to pay attention to the desalting process)
  • Onion - white or yellow - 300 g
  • Salted sardines - 30 g (alternatively you can use salted anchovies but, in addition to having a different flavor, they also require a lower weight, about 10 g)
  • Whole cow's milk - 250 ml
  • Extra virgin olive oil - 150 ml
  • Grated Parmesan cheese - 20 g (2 level spoons)
  • Wheat flour type 00 - 20 g (2 heaped tablespoons)
  • Coarse salt - 10 g (2 tsp)
  • Ground black pepper - QB
  • Fresh chopped parsley - to taste.

Process of cod alla vicentina for 4 people

  1. Wash the stockfish and put it to soak for at least 3 days in the refrigerator; the change of water (about 8 times) is apparently less important than in the preparation of cod, but still necessary. Some add a little baking soda or even lime to optimize rehydration, keep the meat tender and decrease the intensity of the smell, but not all share this practice.
  2. Desalt the salted sardines
  3. Chop - or mince, depending on taste - the onion and, in advance, the well-washed parsley
  4. In a saucepan, add 7-8 tablespoons of oil, the sardines and the onion and start a light but prolonged cooking - even an hour - until a homogeneous puree is obtained. WARNING! the right shape and size of the pan is a fundamental detail for the success of the recipe. Read point 7 in advance to understand why!
  5. On the well dried stockfish, on the side of the meat - then leaving the skin down - spread the cream obtained on the fire, add a little coarse salt (1 teaspoon), ground pepper and a spoonful of flour
  6. Close the stuffed stockfish "a wallet" and cut it into about 3 pieces - depending on the size
  7. With the fire still off, in the saucepan where the onion and sardine purée has been prepared, remove half of the remaining cream and place the three pieces of stuffed stockfish tightly closed and tight together - we reiterate that the right shape and size of the pan is a fundamental detail to the success of the recipe
  8. Finally, add the puree set aside, a tablespoon of flour, a little coarse salt (1 teaspoon), ground black pepper, grated Parmesan, milk and the remaining oil. cod must be entirely covered; if not, it can be corrected by adding milk or oil or water. However, it is a good idea to understand if the problem is the shape or size of the saucepan, or the weight of the ingredients
  9. Turn on the fire over a very low flame, cover and cook for several hours - at least 4 but no more than 5; this may vary depending on the size of the stockfish pieces. Do not turn or stir the fish while cooking. If the main ingredient has not been soaked properly, the liquid will be insufficient to finish cooking and the finished dish will be rather tough when chewed.
  10. When cooked, add the chopped parsley; if necessary, serve with spoon or sliced ​​polenta toasted on the grill or in the oven
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