Worry: Anxiety's Best Friend

Worry: Anxiety's Best Friend

Worry: Anxiety's Best Friend

Last update: 05 September, 2016

Worry is the very core of anxiety. Once set in motion, there is no way to stop it. This emotion is as harmful as anger or rage, it consumes us little by little and sometimes paralyzes us. Furthermore, it has a great impact on our health, in fact our body is tense and we feel much more agitated and altered.

It is true that everyone worries from time to time. It is natural and completely normal. The biggest problem arises when this restlessness takes hold of us. Worrying too much or taking responsibility for everything is one of the biggest problems many people face.

Worrying for no reason

We remember that worry has a lot to do with the way we see and deal with different situations. For this reason, there are people who never seem to worry about anything and others who tend to worry about everything. Is it really good to be in so much anguish?

Worry can be positive when it allows us to reflect on the situation that is tormenting us and then resolve it. However, if there remains a fixed thought that we constantly mull over without purpose, eventually the nervousness, tension and anxiety will make their appearance.

Obviously worry is associated with fear. For this reason, sometimes, it is good to stop and think if there is something in our life that we are not doing well. Often we are also aware of a situation that we do not like, but since we do not close it, it generates recurrent and negative thoughts in us that in the long run can compromise our health.

Concerns have an important task: to find solutions to possible threats. The aim, therefore, is to arrive at these solutions. If we don't, our mind will continue to warn us that we have a problem, generating one worry after another.

And it is then that thoughts of this kind can put a different pressure on us, to make us understand that we cannot continue to ignore the situation in question. Nausea, pain in various parts of the body, anxiety, tachycardia can occur for no reason. But we know that there is a reason. And that it's time to take action.

I want to stop worrying too much

To stop worrying too much, you need to take action. If we let everything that goes through our minds stay there, if we ignore that we have a problem to solve, it will all get worse to the point of compromising our health.

For this reason, we want to share with you some simple tips that you can follow right away to stop worrying too much. As we said, it's time to take action, stop thinking so much and do something:

  • Write down what worries you: you may not give much thought to the act of writing what goes on your mind, but when you do, you will find that it is a real cure. Writing will also allow you to rearrange all your thoughts to see things more clearly.
  • Ask yourself questions: when you are worried, ask yourself questions such as, for example, "Can I solve this situation that torments me so much?". If you find that you cannot do anything, then it is time to stop worrying.
  • If you have to do something, do it today: If you think about what you need to do to solve your problem, but keep putting it off, your worries will increase more and more. Remember the proverb "Do not postpone what you can do today until tomorrow".
  • Seek the support of loved ones: Now is the time to share your concerns with the people you trust most. They can help you see the situation from another point of view and clear your mind.
  • Think about the benefits: even if you are afraid to face a given circumstance, think that there is nothing worse than worries and all that they entail. It is terrible to have to face a situation that you do not know how it will work out. Despite this, think about the advantages you will derive from it, the great weight you will finally get rid of.

It's good to worry, but don't let it become a habit in your life. When anxiety knocks on your door, it is warning you that something is not going as it should. Then it is time to ask yourself why you are not doing anything about it.

Standing still and continuing to worry is not a viable solution. Talk to the people you love most, write and make an effort to tackle the problem once and for all. Even if it scares you, think that everything could be worse if you keep holding back. Don't you think it's better to take the risk? In the end, you have nothing to lose ...

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