Your comfort zone is a beautiful place, but where nothing grows

Your comfort zone is a beautiful place, but where nothing grows

Your comfort zone is a beautiful place, but where nothing grows

Last update: June 19, 2015

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I -
I took the one less traveled by,
And that made all the difference

Robert Frost

You can only grow if you are willing to feel uncomfortable for a while. That's just the way it is. We are not telling you that everything you want is outside your four emotional walls, but everything you want or yearn for is.

Positive events do not happen by chance, they happen because we attract them and because we have everything to create them. Basically, they happen because we go to the mountain and don't wait for the mountain to come to us.

Indeed the only way to achieve our dreams is by assigning them an expiration date. Strange as it may seem, this changes something in us. If we are sure that the possibilities that life offers us will win at any moment, we will charge our batteries to reach our goals.

It is also possible that by setting an expiration date on our aspirations, we realize that we have not adequately delineated what we want and that we must reinvent what we yearn for.

The learning zone

Beyond what we already know, there is a learning zone. This is the ground to go out in order to broaden our worldview and gain knowledge. We are there when we study, observe, experiment, compare, travel and meet new people.

Many people like to learn and go out frequently to enjoy the sight of new horizons, but there are also people who are scared of this and who do not walk these paths unless they are obliged to do so.

These are the people who they feel that getting out of their comfort zone is a danger, those who leave work and go home to have dinner with their partner, watch television and sleep, limiting their life to the daily routine.

The panic zone

Far beyond the comfort zone, there is the panic zone. However, this area exists only for those who live comfortably and for those who do not dare to question their life. This is where people tell us "don't do it", "you will fail", "the risk of catching a crab is enormous and horrible things can happen".

What people refuse to know is that the only way to grow a garden full of beautiful flowers is by breaking with the self-imposed conventions as individuals and as a society.

To the magic area

This is the area in which wonderful things appear, in which we magnify our dreams and succeed in surpassing ourselves.

When you are here, you are likely to be very afraid. For example, for sure suddenly you will be overwhelmed by an immense fear of having lost your comfort zone, but then you will realize that this is not the case: your comfort zone has not been eliminated, it has grown.

While the tension created by your emotional comfort will invite you to back off and not continue, your motivational tension will push you to continue, making it easier for you.

It is normal for us to be afraid to make a fool of ourselves, to fail, not to have time for our family or to do other activities that we like; but the only way to get rid of fears is by facing them, becoming aware of what we lack to learn.

Now is the time where you have to stop and think what is and what is not in your life dreams. It is something that happens to everyone, we begin to accumulate the days when nothing happens in our agonizing calendars and we leave the train stations of our lives empty.

We would venture to say that if you are afraid, truly afraid, and at the same time there is something that pushes you to continue, then you are on the right path. Remember that we cannot discover new seas unless we lose sight of the coast.

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