The harm of white sugar

The harm of white sugar

Imagine having toy soldiers fighting for you, for your health. Imagine them strong and vigorous.

Then, with a teaspoon of sugar, we manage to make them all fall, to make them soft and frightened. This is what white sugar does to the immune system.

Not only sportsmen should stay away from it, but everyone, really everyone. It is no coincidence that many define white sugar as a dark poison.

We don't like to be drastic, so obviously if they offer you, say, a tiramisu made with love, not accepting it when you like could get you some control anxiety toxin, so sink the spoon.

However, we would like to explain the damage caused by regular intake of white sugar. 


White sugar, fears, the immune system 

Excessive sugar consumption can make us irritable, agitated and aggressive, because it inhibits the defense capacity of neutrophils (the white blood cells that have the function of the body's first line of defense) and also decreases the maturation and differentiation of lymphocytes. We hear many athletes who change multivitamins continuously, who are constantly looking for the right "fuel". The first tip is: remove the white sugar.

Progressive studies have shown that an increased intake of white sugar significantly damages the immune system.

In particular, we report the results of a research oneffect of sugar refined made in California in 1979, taken from the book by Martin Halsey, "A Light World". The study highlights how white blood cells in normal conditions are able to kill about 14 bacteria and how this postentiality is drastically reduced just five minutes after consuming refined sugar.


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Damage to metabolism, teeth and bones 

White sugar weakens bones and teeth. Why?

Simple sugars counteract mineral deposition in the bone by inducing a situation of acidosis in the body which the body counteracts by "dismantling" the calcium carbonate (which has a buffering action) of the bones. This process dramatically weakens the bones, leading to osteoporosis.

Simple sugars clog the cell's main metabolism, known as cycle of Krebs. This involves the accumulation of sugars in the form of fat, and therefore obesity, which in men is mainly abdominal while in women it occurs more in the thighs and buttocks.

Accumulation of fat, especially abdominal fat, leads to an increased risk of cardio-vascular events, such as heart attack and stroke, the development of tumors of the breast, colon, prostate, liver problems such as steatosis, ascites, hypertension, diabetes and all its complications (blindness, kidney failure, etc.). 


The alternatives to white sugar 

Raw cane sugar is at the forefront, but we especially recommend it maple syrup (65% sucrose), the malt (50% in maltose) and the honey, without exceeding, to avoid inflammatory processes. 

Excellent alternatives too agave syrup and stevia, a seedling with a sweetening power superior to sugar, completely free of side effects. You could also grow it as a balcony plant and once dried, chop it up and use it instead of sugar. 


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