Alcavita the alkalizing and nourishing super food

    Alcavita the alkalizing and nourishing super food

    In the previous article I presented the 7x7 herbal tea, and we saw how to eliminate the toxins present in our body.
    Today I will tell you about ALCAVITA.
    Alcavita is a granulate that combines 100 selected and organic farming substances.
    This product, unique of its kind, is a source of omnimolecular vital substances that is substances of which our body is composed. The plants contained in Alcavita are collected and dried with methods that preserve their properties intact. They are subsequently minced and then ground or manually mixed with other vegetable substances.
    The recipe is the result of a long work and study by the Leisen family of naturopaths and by Dr. Jentschura who continued the research.
    Thanks to the targeted combination of plants, Alcavita is rich in vitamins, mineral salts, amino acids and many other substances necessary for numerous functions of our body. Alcavita has no added sugars, is gluten-free and lactose-free.

    Is composed by:
    pollen * 32,5%, fruit 24,3% (apple *, pineapple *, mango *, raspberry, bilberry *, acerola *,
    orange *, cranberry *, blackberry *, apricot *, orange peel *, cranberry *, lemon peel *),
    pumpkin seeds *, lupine *, sweet almonds *, sunflower seeds *, herbs 2,8% (licorice
    (root) *, dandelion *, hops (flower) *, buckwheat grass *, lesser galangal (root) *,
    wild garlic *, nettle (leaf) *, psyllium seeds *, lovage (leaf) *, rosemary (leaf) *, thyme *,
    hyssop *, tarragon (leaf) *, eucalyptus (leaf) *, lemon balm (leaf) *, horsetail *, yarrow *,
    vine (green leaf) *, artichoke *, basil *, savory *, cress *, dill (top) *, verbena
    odorosa (leaf) *, elder (flower) *, currant (leaf) *, lavender (flower) *, linden (leaf) *, linden
    silver (flower) *, lungwort *, lemon balm *, orange leaves *, wild thyme *, nettle *, blackberry
    (leaf) *, strawberry (leaf) *, raspberry (leaf) *, nasturtium *, lemongrass *, corn beard *,
    marjoram *, rose (petals) *, celery (leaf) *, centaurea minor *, chervil (leaf) *), wheat
    buckwheat *, millet *, walnuts *, ground almonds *, vegetables 1,6%, (beetroot *,
    cabbage *, red lentil *, carrot *, black radish *, courgette *, asparagus *, chickpeas *, bean *, broccoli *,
    horseradish (root) *, spinach *, onion *), spices *, Jerusalem artichoke *, amaranth *, rose berries
    canina *, pomegranate grains *, pistachios * 
    * All the ingredients come from controlled organic farming, and this assures us the quality and bioavailability of the active ingredients.

    What does Alcavita contain? Mineral salts, trace elements, vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, B12, B17, C, D, E, K1, biotin, pantothenic acid, niacin, folic acid and important minerals K, Ca, Mg , Fe, Zn, Se, Cr, J), essential fatty acids, amino acids, fibers, chlorophyll, pollen and many other plant substances that optimize metabolism, digestion and strengthen the immune system.

    Alcavita can be taken pure, diluted with water, fruit juice or vegetable milk. It can be added to extracts or centrifuges. Excellent used to flavor fruit salads, soups, salads or morning meals (porridge, muesli or Morgenstund). It is kept in dry places, and can be taken by adults, the elderly, pregnant women, during lactation, as children and during medical treatment to speed up healing and rebalance the immune system.

    La combinazione di Alcavita con la tisana Alcatè  e del sale basico Alcabagno di cui Vi parlerò, fa parte della famosa cura basica del Dr.Jentschura.
    La dose giornaliera è di minimo 3 cucchiaini e può essere  aumentata in caso di stress, allattamento, convalescenza o negli sportivi.
    Consigliato prima e dopo l’allenamento.

    You can find Alcavita in the best herbalists and parapharmacies in the following formats: 66g, 165g, 330g, 660g or 1650g.

    Little naturopathic advice: Try to take a teaspoon of alcavita when you are overwhelmed by the craving for chocolate, biscuits or sweet foods ... and you will see that the craving for sweet will pass.

    For any information on the use or availability of the product please contact me.

    Good continuation. 

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