Activities to do as a couple

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Activities to do as a couple

Would you like to break the monotony of the couple, but you don't know where to start? Are you looking for ideas? In today's article we propose 25 activities to do with your partner.

Last update: February 18, 2022

Does the relationship seem to you to have no more stimuli? Do not worry, in this article we propose 25 activities to do as a couple to break the monotony!

Generally, the initial phase of a couple relationship is characterized by a great euphoria, linked to the fact that everything that happens is new. The first walk together, the first kiss or the first ice cream, the surprises and the attentions of the partner.

However, as time goes by, routine, work commitments and habits take precedence over spontaneity and the relationship ends up being affected. For this reason, the 25 activities to do as a couple that we have selected will help you feel more united.

We know well that intimacy with a partner is cultivated through self-revelations, interactions, conversations and, of course, with shared experiences. Dedicating time to the couple to live new memorable moments and try new experiences together can only be positive.

We are sure that among the following proposals, you will find some that do adapted to your tastes and preferences.

25 activities to do as a couple

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money or have a lot of free time. In fact simple activities or small gestures can be enough to strengthen the couple's bond. We propose some examples.

1. Contemplate the sunrise or sunset

Not all people have the ability to appreciate the aesthetic qualities of a landscape, but dawn is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful scenery to contemplate.

Get up early, find a beautiful natural environment and contemplating the sunrise together can translate into an unforgettable memory. If you are not a morning person, you can always opt for a magnificent sunset on the beach or in the mountains.

2. Express your feelings during the first meeting

The first acquaintances often have the flavor of discovery. For some people it's love at first sight; while others say they never imagined having a relationship with their partner during the first meetings.

In any case, remember with your partner that special day when it all started it can be a lot of fun. It can also be an excuse to look at the past together and analyze the progress made or revive a project that has fallen into oblivion.

3. Share something you've never told anyone

Trust is essential in a relationship. Sharing something no one else is aware of with your partner can be a great exercise.

Tell your biggest dream, your hidden fear, or an event from the past that has struck you more than you can see. These revelations will make you feel even more united.

4. Watching a TV series together between activities to do as a couple

Watch an episode together every night, exchange impressions, share suspense and hypotheses about what could happen in the next installments ...

It is undoubtedly one of the simplest activities to do as a couple, but it is also the one that can most contribute to making you feel close in everyday life.

In addition, you will always have the opportunity to see how the partner thinks about the different issues touched by the series.

5. Read the same book

Benefits similar to those just described, can also be obtained by both reading the same book. Pick a title that you both like and immerse yourself in reading. You can pleasantly converse with each other on the progress of the plot.

6. Cooking together

If you live together, you have probably divided the tasks in such a way that one or both of you take turns preparing the meals. If you cook together, you will do it automatically, in a hurry and following a script.

Why not prepare a special dinner together? Put on some music, take your time and dedicate your five senses to your partner and the activity you are enjoying. The experience will be decidedly different.

7. Writing a letter, activities to do as a couple

Technology has almost completely supplanted handwriting, but few things are as thrilling as reading beautiful phrases written by hand from your loved one.

Grab a pen and paper and write down all the things you wanted to tell each other but never did.

8. Have breakfast in bed

You might think bringing your partner breakfast in bed is an outdated cliché. But, getting up early to prepare his favorite dishes and arrange them carefully, it will be for him a gesture of love, interest and dedication.

9. Volunteer

Selfless actions are good for you and contribute to personal happiness. Why not dedicate yourself together with volunteer activities aimed at children, the elderly or animals or to the conservation of the environment? It will be a wonderful experience.

10. Paint together

Painting stimulates the imagination and creativity, letting the child in us emerge. It is a fun and relaxing activity, also useful as for expressing emotions.

Equip yourself with a canvas or a simple sheet of paper and take the time to express your feelings or moods through colors.

11. Talk about your childhood

Telling your partner the facts of your childhood will make him participate in a period of your life in which he was not present.

Furthermore, you will allow the partner to know your roots and your history, thanks to this you will be able to better understand where you come from and how your personality was formed.

12. Plan or imagine the future

Sitting with your partner in a quiet environment and imagining the future together is extremely rewarding. Imagine yourself in 10 years and share your dreams for the future.

13. Playing sports together

Sport is healthy for both body and mind, and doing it in pairs helps to strengthen the bond. The company is a source of motivation, which makes the sessions more enjoyable, allowing you to spend quality time together.

You can take a simple walk, a run in nature, skate, go to the gym or take part in a dance class, whichever choice is the right one.

14. Teach the other something they don't know, including activities to do as a couple

A relationship can be very enriching if you are willing to learn from the other. Certainly, each of them will have a gift or a set of knowledge that may be of interest to the other; so why not share them?

Exchange each other's role as apprentice to master. It's a great way to keep the spark of much-needed admiration alight in the couple.

15. Go to a concert

Music awakens and makes us tune in to emotions. What's better than attending a concert by your favorite artist with your partner?

Not only will you have fun, but considering that music influences memory and promotes the consolidation of memories, it is likely to become an evening you will remember over the years.

16. Attend a course together among the activities to do as a couple

Cooking, painting, dancing, wine tasting or a language course… there are so many activities to explore and skills to learn!

Choose an area that interests both of you and dedicate one day a week to it. This weekly date will unite you much more than you might think.

17. Create a photo album

Since smartphones have cameras, we have been taking and saving photos in these devices. The side effect is that often the images are out of order or risk being deleted inadvertently.

To remedy the problem, creating an album with your most precious photos is one of the best things to do.

Print and arrange them in the album and add decorations, annotations or comments. It will be great to retrace those moments through images in the future.

18. Have a picnic

A blanket, snacks and drinks and a beautiful natural landscape are all you need to spend a wonderful day together. It's another thing to do as a couple that is simple, easy to practice, and fun. Try it!

19. Digital detox

How many times have you happened to be out for dinner with your partner or to go for a walk and suddenly find yourself both with your cell phone in your hand?

The digital detox will allow you to disconnect to tune in to each other and this is enough to dedicate at least to the activities to do together, without technological devices.

20. Engage in manual activity

Nothing is capable of uniting two people as much as working towards a common goal, and it is for this reason that manual work as a couple is very positive. You can create a vertical garden, paint a room or create new home decorations.

21. Dance together

Sometimes it is easier to express emotions with the body than with words. For this reason, dancing with your partner can be one of the most rewarding experiences.

It doesn't matter if you can't dance or if you don't have a sense of rhythm, play your favorite song and dance in the living room. This is time for you alone.

22. Remember the good times spent between the 25 activities to do as a couple

Long-term relationships develop shared experiences that deeply forge the bond over time. Do not miss the opportunity to remember the special moments spent with the person who has been with you for so many years.

23. Adventure activities

Trekking, bungee jumping, kayak, immersioni subacquee… You have many alternatives to enjoy the outdoors and release adrenaline together. If you have an adventurous spirit, this is the right choice for you.

24. Meditation for couples

Meditation aligns the body and mind, and meditating with your partner can make you feel closer than ever. Wear comfortable clothes, sit facing each other and synchronize your breathing. In the beginning you can help yourself with a guided meditation.

25. Celebrate your love, an activity to do as a couple

You don't have to wait for marriage to celebrate your love in the company of loved ones. Organize a dinner or party at home and invite all the most important people in your life.


There are so many activities to do as a couple. Choose the one you like best and customize it.

Dedicating a day or evening a week to couple activities is a way to take care of and strengthen this precious bond.

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