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Fun activities for children

There are many fun and educational activities for children that do not require the use of technological devices. On the part of the adults, it will take time and desire to realize them together with them.

Last update: 03 September, 2022

Electronic devices attract the attention of children to the point that they sometimes cause many worries in parents. For this reason, it is important to propose fun activities for children that do not involve the use of technological devices.

Unfortunately, technology has become part of our children's world, but with an aggravating circumstance: in the midst of their development, being glued to a screen for hours is not exactly the healthiest scenario.

This is true for everyone, but especially for the little ones who, given their tender age, may be more affected. To prevent children from getting trapped in the web of technological devices, the ideal is to stimulate in them an alternative form of entertainment.

There are many fun activities that stimulate the child's creativity and skills. In addition to this, they allow him to have a more direct contact with the reality that surrounds him. That is why in this article we present 5 fun activities for children that do not involve the use of technological devices.

"Everything that adults do, discover, think, hope or fear has already been experienced, practiced or at least anticipated in the play phase during childhood."

-Heidi B. Crecelius-

Fun activities for children to do outside the home

Leaving the house is always a good idea if we want to keep kids away from technology for a while. There are many places where you can entertain your children. The first suggestion is to take them to places where they can get in touch with nature.

The mere fact of discovering the world around them is very stimulating for the little ones. In the midst of nature, for example, they can observe how ants work, discover the differences between flowers, learn about the various trees, listen to the sounds of birds, etc. Children appreciate these experiences.

Games to play with the family

Among the various fun activities for children that do not involve the use of electronic devices family games cannot be missed. Not only are they very popular with the little ones, but they also allow adults to disconnect from the routine. In addition, they strengthen family ties.

In this case, the variety ranges from typical board games to card games and so on. Many also involve pencil and paper, such as the hanged man or others with words.

Reading: fun and growth

Many adults assume that children don't like reading, but in reality they don't. Most children like stories and try to repeat them, as well as the emotions they arouse in them. Children's literature is vast and there are countless books suitable for the child's age.

Reading is one of the fun activities for children that also stimulates cognitive and emotional development. Through stories and tales, children learn to develop their imaginations.

In any case, the child will have to choose the topics or books he likes. Also, remember that children should never be pushed or forced to read.

Fun activity for children: art

Artistic activities, and in general all those related to the concept of creativity, are good for every human being and occupy a very special place in childhood.

Painting, music, theater, dance, etc. are not only great fun, they also develop talent and stimulate creativity. Furthermore, they are great for strengthening family bonds. Some artistic activities that are worth doing with children are the following:

  • Manual chores (for example, crafts). Obviously, they must be adapted to the abilities of children. They don't have to be too simple, but they don't have to be too difficult (they will frustrate the child).
  • Theater You can go to see a play for children or make a show based on a famous story. Or, stimulate the children to invent a story to be represented all together.
  • Dance. You can create a choreography inspired by their favorite songs. Also in this case, as for the theater, you can involve the children in the realization of the choreography.
  • Making costumes. Making and wearing costumes is one of the activities kids love.

Daily activities

Daily activities offer children the opportunity to familiarize themselves with what their duties will be, but at the same time to have fun. It is good to teach them how to do basic housework: sweeping, washing dishes, etc. Obviously, you shouldn't press them too hard and when they do their tasks well, emphasize their progress.

Don't forget, too, that children have a lot of fun when they can prepare a cooking recipe. You can also involve them in organizing the closet or decorating the house. For example, change the look of their bedroom by using vinyl stickers of their choice.

There are many fun activities for children who do not need to use technological devices. What they require is time and willpower on the part of the adults. Without a doubt, the time you spend with your children will bear fruit.

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