Acai berries: where to find them and how to take them



Like other berries known as powerful antioxidants such as Goji berries or Aronia, Acai berries are also part of the "superfruits" category by virtue of their particularly rich nutritional heritage and beneficial properties for health.


What is Acai

Le Berries of Acai they are the prodigious fruits of a plant that grows spontaneously in the Amazon rainforest. I am the fruit of the heart par excellence: support the functionality of blood vessels and protect the cardiovascular system.

Rich in anthocyanins, they support the micro and macro blood circulation, they are in fact also recommended in case of capillary fragility. In addition to protecting heart health and promoting circulation, the berries

of Acai promote good lipid balance in the blood, reducing its oxidative state: they are therefore also useful in treatments to combat excess cholesterol.

Acai berries have a satiating effect and are rich in fiber, thus improving intestinal regularity. For these reasons, and for their naturalness detoxifying effect, can be supportive in controlled diets aimed at slimming down of the figure. In order for them to actually hold these properties, however, it is necessary to choose them carefully: below we provide you with valuable advice on how to choose them and where to find them.


Where to find Acai berries

Le bacche di acai they are often found in the country in herbal medicine or in specialized shops of online food supplements in the form of juice or powder or dry extract in capsules. Be careful when purchasing Acai powder: in this case the product does not give any guarantee of the presence of active ingredients!

In summary, whether you are shopping online or in-store, read carefully the list of ingredients reported on the label: in the case of Acai juice make sure it is 100% pure, unsweetened, not diluted in water or other juices. If you prefer Acai in capsules, check the ingredients list to make sure it's not just Acai powder. In the next paragraph we will go into more detail on this aspect.


How to take them

We recommend 100% natural Acai supplements in the form of dry extract titrated in capsules or 100% pure squeezing, in order to benefit from the active ingredients.

L'Acai extract, to be of quality, it must be indicated on the label as "titled in polyphenolsAn example of an indication on the label is "Acai (Euterpe oleracea Mart.) Fruit e.g. tit. 20% polyphenols. "Titration provides us with a guarantee of the certain and defined presence of the principle

active (polyphenols).

The simple one Acai powder in capsules it is instead indicated on the label as "Acai (Euterpe oleracea Mart.) fruit polv. ": in this case there is no guarantee of the presence of active ingredients and therefore of its effectiveness.

Therefore, we always carefully read the list of ingredients: there is a huge difference between Acai in powder and Acai in titrated dry extract in terms of effectiveness, although apparently they can both be in capsules and in the form of a dietary supplement!

Finally, a particularly rich form of nutritional principles is the pressing of Acai berries, when pure, without additives and stored in pharmaceutical grade dark glass.

Il Acai juice Salugea is 100% pure, undiluted in water or other juices, obtained by pressing a

cold and an innovative pasteurization system that does not deteriorate the delicate nutritional principles of the original fruits. AND' of biological origin, does not contain added sugars or preservatives, and is notified to the Ministry of Health as Food supplement: one measuring cup per day is enough.

It is advisable to take Acai juice for consecutive three-month cycles. It can be taken alone or with orange or blueberry juice (unsweetened) to drink in the morning on an empty stomach or between meals.


What does Acai contain

From a nutritional point of view, the bacche di acai they are very rich in vitamins, Omega 3 fatty acids and polyphenols, powerful antioxidants. Among the polyphenols, a particular molecule has been distinguished for its very high anti-inflammatory and antioxidant capacity: Velutina.

Simplifying and summarizing what was discovered on the Velutina contained in the fruits of Acai, it carries out an activity of powerful anti-inflammatory action in the body, scientifically recognized, as it blocks the starters of cellular inflammatory processes. Acai berries can therefore be an excellent resource for prevention of cell degeneration.

Now that you know how to choose and where to find them, all you have to do is integrate Acai berries into your diet!

Acai berries: where to find them and how to take them


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