A the first vegan "take away" for children and families

    A the first vegan

    Are you in an emergency or just don't feel like cooking? If you want to choose avegan food, 100% natural and organic, an idea of ​​two entrepreneur mothers, used to listening to the needs of families, is the one for you. At least if you live in.

    The doctor Anna Podestà, pedagogue and founder of the Dadà School, which includes a nursery, a spring section and a nursery, and the Chef Mara Di Noia of Vegachef have, in fact, inaugurated an absolute novelty for the Milanese capital: the first Vegan "take away", for children or for the whole family.

    From Friday 31 January 2014, every Friday, it will be possible pick up the dinner ready at the Dadà Dadà School, in Via GG Mora 22 ,. And what a dinner! An example? This week you can choose between carasau bread lasagna with vegetables or tomato, lentil balls or chickpea burgers and between apple pie and chocolate brownies.

    HOW IT WORKS - The service works very simply: every Wednesday mothers can order the chosen dishes by writing to Nest.dada@libero.com and on Friday evenings, from 16.30 to 18.30, they can pick up their dinner ready to take home. The only thing they have to do, if needed, is to heat it up. The costs are affordable: for the first 15,00 euros, for the second 9,00 euros, for desserts 5,00 euros.

    THE IDEA - “This new service was born listening to other mothers and also from my need. In fact, working all day, with two small children to manage, I often went home in the evening without having the slightest idea of ​​what to cook for my family. So I started asking my mom Adele, who cooks for the children at our school, to prepare something for my family's evening meal as well. I wondered how many other parents were in the same situation as me and that's where the idea came from, ”says Anna.

    Maria, convinced that natural cooking is an act of love, a way to take care of one's family, pampering through scents and flavors, accepted the challenge. "Cooking is a way to take care of the happiness and well-being of those around us, as well as ourselves. Unfortunately, however, due to lack of time, it is not always possible. With this new service I would like to offer concrete help to all those mothers who work but care offer their family healthy, natural, delicious dishes and always different. In fact, eating healthy means choosing health, and therefore, the serenity of the whole family “.

    For information and reservations, you can write to Nido.dada@libero.com

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