A Japanese artist draws the conflicts that authentic people experience

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We are all born to be unique, but at some point along the way, many decide that it is better to be normal. Being normal is not that bad, it means following the rules, respecting what is predetermined and following the rhythm of most people. Being normal guarantees solidity and safety in life because the path to follow has already been mapped out by others.

In this regard, Erich Fromm said: “if I am like everyone else, if I have no feelings or thoughts that make me different, if I adapt to the costumes, the clothes, the ideas, the scheme of the group, I am saved; saved from the terrible experience of loneliness. Dictatorial systems use threats and terror to induce this conformity; democratic countries, suggestion and propaganda ”. In fact, Rollo May stated that: "in our society the opposite of courage is not cowardice, but conformity".

Of course, there are also other people who decide to deviate from the norm and follow their dreams, think for themselves and live at their own pace. For these people the world is not easy because the main goals of society are conformity and homogeneity. Society is afraid of the different. Therefore, an authentic person often faces many obstacles in his life.

10 images that reflect the loneliness and dilemmas of the authentic person

This Japanese artist has captured some of the sensations experienced by the authentic person that are sometimes difficult to put into words.



  1. “Freedom means nothing, unless it implies the freedom to be different,” said Marty Rubin, even if at times it means you'll feel weird, an anachronism among all the others.



  1. The company strives to make molds and any that don't fit are left out.



  1. José Ingenieros said that “routine is the habit of giving up thinking”. This is why it is so devastating for creative and authentic people.



  1. Adapting to the narrow models of society does not usually lead to happiness. In this regard, Rita Mae Brown said that "the reward for conformism is to please everyone but you".



  1. Being authentic can be a lonely path in which you can sometimes feel misunderstood and helpless.



  1. The pace imposed by society puts pressure on people at different times, sometimes making them inadequate or unable because they are unable to achieve the results that are expected of them on schedule.



  1. “The greatest achievement in life is being yourself, in a world that is constantly trying to make you different,” said Ralph Waldo Emerson. But sometimes the road goes uphill and you think it's much better to abandon it, to be normal, silencing what makes you special.



  1. You feel that others manipulate your life in such a subtle way that it traps you in a social web.



  1. When you play a role that doesn't belong to you and into which you don't fit, it ends up consuming your energy and strength.



  1. You note that “most people are copies of others. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions and their lives are imitations ”, as Oscar Wilde said, and you don't understand how others don't realize it.

Either way, don't let the limited perceptions of others define you. When you feel that the price to pay for being authentic is very high, think of Albert Einstein's words: “the person who follows the majority will normally not go beyond the majority. The person who walks alone will probably reach places where no one has ever been before ”.

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