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Building a solid and lasting relationship is not easy. After the first year, the first cracks begin to appear and some decide to throw in the towel to try their luck again with another person. But the truth is, it's the little details that often make the difference between a happy relationship and an emotional wreck.

If you continue with the same habits that have contributed to ending the relationship it will be difficult to find a soul mate and live happily ever after. The good news is that there are some fairly easy habits to cultivate that will help improve your relationship.

  1. Cultivate common interests. The passion of the first month is not enough to maintain a relationship over time. You both need to have interests in common, things that thrill you and unite you. But remember that it is not the end of the world to discover that you do not have many interests in common with your partner, there is always the possibility of developing some
  1. Stroll holding hands. Have you noticed those elderly couples who still walk holding hands? They are very tender to me. This is a small detail, but if you've been apart all day, each working in a different place, you need to take advantage of every minute to be by your partner's side. When you go out for a walk, try to stay next to him, do not lag behind and do not walk two meters
    of distance.
  1. Go to bed at the same time. One of the main problems that arise in couples is the lack of sexual desire and not going to bed at the same time can aggravate this problem. Go to bed together so you can talk about how your day went or just to enjoy each other's closeness and caress him.
  1. Focus on the positive aspects of your partner. Sometimes love diminishes because we focus too much on the mistakes or defects of the other. But love is not something to be taken for granted, it is a feeling that must be cultivated. We must accept that everyone can make mistakes and that no one is perfect but that we have chosen this person for his positive characteristics.
  1. Making kisses and hugs our daily bread. Haste often causes people to distance themselves, first physically and then emotionally. Therefore it is very important to maintain physical contact, and hugging and kissing your partner whenever possible is the best way to convey your feelings. Remember that a hug can say more than a thousand words.
  1. Ask forgiveness. Happy couples are not those who make no mistakes and never get hurt, but those who know how to apologize and forgive. Remember that to err is human, but to forgive is divine. In a couple relationship there is no room for pride, it is important that when we are wrong we try to apologize. Likewise, when it is the other who is wrong, we must learn to forgive him.
  1. Tell our partner how much we love him. Sometimes we take it for granted that others know our feelings and we hardly ever express them in words. But in a relationship, it's important to tell the other person how much you love them. There are countless ways to prove this, but sometimes a simple "I love you" is more than enough.
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