5 lies that keep you trapped in your comfort zone

5 lies that keep you trapped in your comfort zoneOnce a king received two small falcons as a gift and gave them to the master falconer for their training. After a few months, the instructor told the king that one of the hawks had been perfectly educated, but he didn't know what was happening to the other. Since arriving at the palace he had not moved from the branch he was standing on to the point that he had to bring him food. The king summoned healers and wizards but none managed to make the little hawk fly. Then he issued an edict among his subjects and, the next morning, he saw surprised the little hawk flying in his gardens. "Bring me the person responsible for this miracle," he said. A peasant appeared before the king, and the king asked him: - How did you manage to fly the hawk? What are you, a wizard? - It was not difficult my lord - explained the man - I simply cut the branch he was on. Only then did the bird realize it had wings and took off. This fable teaches us that sometimes it is necessary to cling to the branch to regain strength, but if we stay in our comfort zone too long, we will not know. never how far we would have been able to go. Therefore, we need to expand our comfort zone more and more.

We grow when we step out of our comfort zone

Whether we like it or not, the ability to consciously leave our comfort zone, and the courage to discover new horizons and pursue our dreams, is what makes us different from others and allows us to have new experiences that enrich our lives. . Unfortunately, most people prefer to stay in their comfort zone, in the space where they feel more or less comfortable and safe.To understand what the comfort zone is you can imagine two concentric circles, a small one inside a larger one. , but which do not touch at any point. The small circle represents all the things we are used to, our habits and routines, the places we usually visit and the people we hang out with. It's our comfort zone. At first glance it may seem perfect, but the fact is that staying within that circle is no guarantee of happiness, much less assuring you that you will have no regrets at the end of your life. In fact, staying in the comfort zone limits you, because it prevents you from discovering something new. Thus, you will end up dying a little every day. Always remember that life begins where your comfort zone ends. However, there is a much larger circle, made up of the things you don't know, your dreams, the unknown, new places… It's the learning circle. In fact, we only grow when we are able to jump into that circle, making our smallest circle grow more and more.To the majority of people this jump is scary, because they don't know what they will find in the other circle, so they implement a self-deception mechanism to make sure they stay in their comfort zone and not be forced to leave it.

The lies we tell ourselves so as not to leave our comfort zone

1. "I don't have to do this"True, no one forces you to step out of your comfort zone, but if you stay inside you will never grow up. Remember that you do not grow simply because the years pass, but thanks to the new challenges you face. When you think of a project that represents a great challenge and suddenly your inner voice tells you that you don't have to face it, in reality what you are expressing is resistance to change, because a part of you wants to keep you within the limits of the known. But if you ever think you still have no reason to undertake something new, remember that simply growing and discovering are more than enough reasons.
2. "This is not the right time"The perfect conditions for embarking on something new seldom vrify, but pursuing a dream means battling against wind and storm, setting the stage along the way. When you tell yourself that it is not the right time, who is speaking is fear, probably an intense fear of the failure that you instilled in you from childhood. Of course, it is not about jumping into the void without weighing the pros and cons, but if we really want to achieve something in life, we must realize that we cannot stand still, we must always take small steps. And the sooner we get in the fireplace, the better it will be.
3. "I'll start when ..."This is one of the most common excuses to stay safe in the comfort zone. In practice, it is the perfect self-deception, because we are not giving up on the dream or project we have in mind, but we postpone it until certain situations occur. The problem is that this excuse leads directly to procrastination, so it is likely that when the condition we need occurs, we will invent another and another. This way we keep hope alive, but at the same time we won't have to work hard to make this dream a reality. So, even if not all conditions exist, you simply take small steps, do not have excessive expectations because life is too short.
4. "Not for me"Basically, behind this sentence lies the idea that we are not capable or good enough. This is the perfect excuse for people who are insecure and with low self-esteem. It is also the pretext used by people who are afraid of the world and close themselves to new experiences. In any case, you will never know if you like something or not before trying it. In fact, it is likely that more than once you have thought that something was not right for you, but after trying it you liked it and now you can't do without it anymore. So, never close yourself off to new experiences and don't limit yourself as a person. It's the worst thing you can do to yourself.
5. "I don't know how to do it"New things can be scary, so one of the excuses we come up with to stay in our comfort zone is to tell ourselves that we don't know how to face the challenge. We may think that we do not have the necessary skills or that we will never be able to develop them. But remember that when you have a "what" the "how" come by themselves. It is true that some projects require some preparation, but this does not mean that you will never be able to do it, it just means that you will need more time or someone to help you. No skill comes from nothing, they all hide a lot of passion and effort at the base. In conclusion, always keep in mind what Nelson Mandela once said: "Impossible is anything that you do not try to achieve".
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