5 habits of punctual people

    5 habits of punctual people

    Years ago, while I was still studying, I wasn't exactly a model of punctuality. But over the years I have improved this aspect because I have noticed that punctuality is very important. Being late can seriously compromise our image, especially when it comes to an important date, and involves a lack of respect towards those who wait.

    The good news is that you are not born on time, you become. Therefore, all of us can learn to be punctual simply by practicing some habits that characterize those people who always arrive on time for appointments.

    1. Be realistic

    When I was late for appointments it was for a very simple reason: I miscalculated the time available to me. As a result, I immersed myself in various activities that took up all my time and in the end I had to run, certain that I would be late.

    But if there is something that characterizes people who arrive on time it is that they have a more realistic perception of time, they know how to calculate the amount of time it takes each activity to organize in order to arrive on time to the appointment.

    1. Expect the unexpected


    Another of my biggest problems has always been expecting everything to be okay. Therefore, when an unexpected event occurred, I lost further useful time. However, not only do punctual people know how to correctly estimate their time, they also always apply Murphy's law: "If something can go wrong, it will go wrong." This means that if you want to be specific you have to plan extra time for the unexpected. Traffic jams, an unexpected call, or a chance encounter on the street can consume precious minutes by running the clock. Always take some time to get to your appointment in complete peace of mind.

    1. Feel comfortable in downtime



    The few times I was able to cheat Murphy's Law and everything was fine I would finish by asking myself, "What will I do if I arrive early?" As a result, I always found something to do before going out and consequently arrived late. So, one of the main characteristics of punctual people is that they feel comfortable in downtime and don't mind being the first to arrive even if they will have to wait. Indeed, these people take advantage of this time to relax, prepare for the appointment or simply read a book.

    1. Plan everything


    It is virtually impossible to lead a messy life and be on time. Therefore, punctual people are also very organized in their daily life, they take pleasure in organizing their agenda and if you ask them what they will do next Monday they will probably recite the whole program to you. This does not necessarily mean that they are boring people, but simply that they love to plan activities and have everything under control. They are those people who never lose their house keys or their wallet because they keep everything in a specific place, and this contributes to their punctuality.

    1. Doing things in advance


    Before, I preferred to work against time at the limit of deadlines, because eustress brought me extra energy. However, this strategy is a double-edged sword and does not always guarantee the desired results. Now I prefer to work more calmly, do things in advance, and if I have some time left I use it to review the work. In fact, one of the main habits of punctual people is that they almost always finish projects early. These people don't like to work overtime because these situations cause them enormous stress. The classic example is the person who packs his suitcase a few hours before setting off on a trip.

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