3 tips for successfully completing the diet

    3 tips for successfully completing the diet

    The appointment with the dietician, the shopping, the dishes to cook, the free time for physical activity: when you are at diet the commitments are many and it is not always possible to respect the schedule: according to data from a European study, more than 10% of people abandon a diet for practical problems. Sometimes the motivation falters. What to do in these moments? How to complete the diet with success?

    1. Before starting, think

    The secret is to prepare yourself mentally so as not to give in to the first obstacle. “Ask yourself this question right away: Are you really determined to start a diet plan? Is this the right time to start the diet? If you have upcoming commitments, such as a move or a new job, if you are not serene (perhaps you have broken off a relationship), it is better to postpone it to a less stressful moment ", she explains. , psychotherapist, president of Aidap (Association of the country's eating and weight disorders).

    2. Choose the right diet for you

    “Then, don't get overwhelmed by the enthusiasm that may not let you see the obstacles. Estimate that it won't always be easy follow the diet»Adds Dr. Banderali. This awareness initial it will help you hold on in tough times.

    Precisely in order to try to reduce them to a minimum, s is essentialchoose a slimming program that is actually tailored to your needs: "If you work and spend a lot of time away from home, you can't have a diet that involves long preparation of dishes," says the expert.

    Who continues: «To strengthen motivation and be more determined to face inevitable obstacles, you must also choose a regimen that follows your food tastes, so that you are gratified by what you eat. Then enter into the perspective that you are not on a punitive diet but you are changing your lifestyle: you are starting to nourish yourself in a healthy way, to take care of yourself and this requires commitment ».

    “Therefore, when you have to do something that seems tiring or complicated to accomplish instead of getting down on yourself, think about the results you will see as you go: your health will benefit, you will be able to move better, you will wear that dress that you could not wear before and, last but not least, you will improve sexual activity».

    3. Play early and prevent difficulties

    In any case, the secret practical to maintain the planning of the diet is to acquire ad hoc skills. «If you come back hungry in the evening and don't feel like cooking, prepare dinner in the morning; and again, fill the fridge with raw vegetables and fruit for the pangs of hunger ».

    "Mostly, don't think of dieting as something that begins and ends, but as a line that corrects your daily behavior. If you get used to this new lifestyle, the logistical problems you will have at the beginning will disappear ”, concludes the psychotherapist.

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