10 recipes with cucumbers

I cucumbers they are one of the typical summer vegetables. They are fresh and Regards, also good seasoned only with a drizzle of oil, pepper and a pinch of whole salt. We already told you about alternative uses of cucumbers beyond the classic salad, but now here are many recipes to enjoy them at their best in summer, both in savory dishes, even with an exotic taste, and in refreshing and healthy drinks.


Savory tart with cucumbers and carrots

10 recipes with cucumbers

Here's how to make a perfect summer tart with carrots and cucumbers. With a few simple ingredients you will bake a fresh and colorful dish. Here the complete recipe.


10 recipes with cucumbers

Cucumbers are among the main ingredients of gazpacho, the cold vegetable soup typical of Spain and appreciated above all in Andalusia. To prepare the gazpacho you can blend the cucumbers with tomatoes, onions and peppers, or leave some vegetables, including cucumber, into small pieces. THU la original gazpacho recipe and 10 other variations.

Tzatziki sauce

10 recipes with cucumbers

From Spain to Greece with the tzatziki sauce, one of the most popular condiments in the country, which you can prepare with cucumbers, Greek yogurt, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, dill or mint and other additional ingredients depending on the many variations. Vegan and lactose intolerant can replace Greek yogurt with vegetable yogurt. THU you will find the original recipe of tzatziki sauce and many ideas to decline it according to your tastes.

Wakame seaweed and cucumber salad

10 recipes with cucumbers

From the blog Healing with Colors, here is the recipe to prepare a tasty one wakame seaweed and cucumber salad. The wakame seaweed, used raw in salads, retains all its therapeutic properties and goes well with the taste of cucumbers. You'll also need rice vinegar, soy sauce, and sesame and sunflower seeds. THU the complete recipe.

Mixed vegetable raita

10 recipes with cucumbers

La mixed vegetable raita it is a typical dish of India. Among the ingredients, of course, we find cucumbers, to which radishes, ripe tomatoes, chives, natural low-fat yogurt, fresh parsley and the typical Indian spices, such as those present in curry and cumin, will be added, which you can find both in the supermarket and in the shops of organic products. THU the complete recipe.

Cucumber water

10 recipes with cucumbers

Cucumber is also suitable for enriching yours centrifuged healthy homemade products, thanks to its purifying power. You can prepare an excellent centrifuged by combining a cucumber, a bunch of spinach, a real apple, two stalks of celery, a tablespoon of lemon juice and a teaspoon of chopped fresh ginger. Or prepare a fantastic thirst-quenching and detoxifying cucumber water. THU many recipes of purifying centrifuged.

Melon and cucumber smoothie

10 recipes with cucumbers

Those who do not have a centrifuge or an extractor can still prepare excellent refreshing drinks with a normal blender, even immersion. To prepare this shake you will need a ripe cucumber, two slices of melon, four fresh mint leaves, two teaspoons of lemon juice and a glass of water or organic pear juice. Blend and enjoy. THU many recipes for your healthy smoothies.

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Pickled gherkins

10 recipes with cucumbers

If you are growing gherkins in your garden, here are some tips for prepare them in vinegar. Wash and let the gherkins drain. Dry them very well and arrange them next to each other in glass jars already sterilized in boiling water. Sprinkle each jar with a teaspoon of coarse salt. Bring equal parts water and vinegar to the boil, adjusting the quantity according to the number and capacity of the jars. Pour the still hot liquid into each jar. Close the jars, let them cool and put them in the pantry or cellar. They will be great to enjoy in winter. THU the complete recipe and other self-produced preserves.

Cream of avocado and cucumbers

10 recipes with cucumbers

To prepare a summer soup to be served cold you will need: a medium cucumber, an avocado, a shallot, fresh parsley, lemon juice and classic plain yogurt or unsweetened vegetable yogurt. To season you will need whole salt, pepper and cumin. If you want, add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Panzanella Toscana

10 recipes with cucumbers

In the original Tuscan panzanella recipe, in addition to ingredients such as tomatoes, stale bread and Tropea onions, it is also necessary to add cucumbers. Here the complete recipe.

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