10 recipes with seitan

Il seitan it is a typical food of the oriental tradition that more and more often becomes part of our kitchen, especially in the preparation of vegetarian or vegan dishes. It lends itself well to the creation of main courses, but also to enrich salads and dressings, as well as the preparation of excellent croquettes, to be served with seasonal vegetables.

Just like tofu, seitan is a very versatile food, which you can taste and prepare in a thousand different ways. Here are some ideas and recipes to experiment with.

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Seitan and turmeric meatballs in a pizza crust

La first recipe that we propose is a truly original way to taste seitan, which will be the main ingredient to make turmeric and pizza crusted meatballs in your city. You can prepare thePizza dough according to your habits, with brewer's yeast or sourdough. Follow here the complete recipe.

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10 recipes with seitan

Seitan with truffle-smelling mushrooms

This recipe for the preparation of seitan is perfect for those who love the taste of mushrooms and truffles. You will accompany the cooking of the natural seitan, even better if homemade, with vegan bechamel, fresh mixed mushrooms and white truffle oil. You can serve the seitan accompanying it with white rice. THU the complete recipe.

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10 recipes with seitan

Instant Seitan

The procedure for the homemade preparation of seitan requires to have at least a couple of hours available. If you are in a hurry, but do not want to give up this tasty food, saving money, try to get it in a way instant starting from the special preparation, made up of ingredients from organic farming. You can cook it in slices in vegetable broth and then sauté it in a pan with extra virgin olive oil and soy sauce, adding a few drops of lemon juice, to obtain a golden and crunchy result.

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10 recipes with seitan

Seitan meatballs with sauce

Le seitan meatballs with sauce they are a really tasty recipe, which will allow you to prepare a second course with a good and authentic flavor, even on the occasion of parties and dinner invitations. In short, your guests, including those who have never tasted seitan, will be truly satisfied. Season your seitan meatballs with an excellent one tomato sauce, perhaps homemade by you. THU the complete recipe.

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10 recipes with seitan

Seitan skewers

The seitan lends itself perfectly to the preparation of excellent skewers, to be cooked in the oven or pan. You can slice the seitan into cubes and alternate it with tofu and seasonal vegetables, as well as mushrooms and olives. You can marinating the seitan before preparing the skewers. Prepare a marinade based on lemon juice, vinegar and white wine, or with soy sauce. Let the seitan marinate for 45 minutes before composing and cooking the skewers.

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10 recipes with seitan


Vegan lasagna with seitan and pea sauce

Seitan is a great ingredient for replace the ragù in the preparation of lasagna. You can chop and grind it and then add it to the tomato sauce in the preparation of the dressing. The bechamel will also be plant-based. You will prepare it with soy milk and soy butter, or extra virgin olive oil. Add peas or other seasonal vegetables to the lasagna filling. Here the recipe.

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10 recipes with seitan

Roasted seitan with sesame seeds and soy milk mayonnaise

For you a gourmet recipe, directly from the chef Simone Salvini, who proposed it as part of the holiday menu for Christmas 2013. You can propose it again on special occasions and for your guests eager to taste new flavors. Garnish the seitan with the Sesame seeds and you will accompany it with soy mayonnaise. Follow here the recipe and the complete vegan menu for festive occasions.

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10 recipes with seitan

Vegan steamed ravioli with seitan filling

You can choose seitan as a basic ingredient for stuffing of yours steamed ravioli homemade, with a nod to oriental cuisine. You will prepare both the ravioli dough and the filling at home, which will include, in addition to the seitan, cabbage leaves, carrots, onion and a piece of grated ginger.

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10 recipes with seitan

Seitan and lentils

Combine the seitan with vegetable allows you to get a complete plate from the point of view of the contribution of protein. It is an excellent dish all year round and not just on New Year's Eve, suitable for benefiting from all the precious properties of lentils. Add browned seitan flavored with herbs to your lentils from your city. Mix and heat this rich main course for a few minutes before bringing it to the table. Find out here the recipe and a complete menu for special occasions.

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10 recipes with seitan

Quinoa with seitan and vegetables

Enrich the quinoa preparation with del diced seitan, that you have left to brown until golden brown and until it reaches the desired crunchiness in extra virgin olive oil and soy sauce. Combine the preparation of the seitan with chopped seasonal vegetables and cook them. When the Quinoa will be ready, pour it directly into the pan with the seitan and vegetables. Stir, season with herbs in your city and serve.

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10 recipes with seitan

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