10 quick vegetarian recipes to prepare with the Wok

If you are looking for quick meals to prepare for lunch or dinner, have you ever thought about learning to cooking with the wok? We had already told you about the wok, its advantages and how to use it.

La cooking in the wok takes place quickly and with little added fat: these are the main advantages of this type of preparation. The wok is not only used for quickly browning foods and sautéing vegetables, but also for steaming or thickening sauces. The wok will be very useful for preparing tasty dishes vegetarian recipes o Vegane.

If you have a wok available and until now you have only used it a few times to experiment with a new dish, it's time to try using it a little more often, inspired by the collection of recipes with the wok which we now present to you.


Noodles all endure

Vegetable noodles, starting from this idea you can prepare always different dishes in the wok by varying the vegetables according to the seasons. THE noodles they are easily found in the ethnic department of supermarkets and in organic food stores, or online. For an original dressing choose black sesame seeds. THU recipe.

Ginger soup with sautéed vegetables in the wok

: I Murr

To prepare this soup, take inspiration from oriental cuisine and sauté the vegetables in the wok before adding them to the broth, which you can prepare with miso, a very useful ingredient for promoting digestion. Among the vegetables you can choose from are cauliflower, zucchini and carrots to add a touch of ginger. THU recipe.

Wok salad of cereals and vegetables

: Curry and Caramel

For the base of this salad you can choose mixed grains, such as spelled, rice, barley, wheat and oats. Then in the wok you will skip the vegetables to use as a condiment, for example carrots, courgettes, peppers and asparagus. THU the recipe to follow.

Cous cous with seitan wok and vegetables

: Music Paper

A really tasty dish that you can prepare starting from the classic durum wheat couscous or from cous cous in integral version, which you will then dress with seitan and vegetables after having sautéed these ingredients in the wok. This sweet and sour dish combines vegetables with fuji apples. THU recipe.

Tempeh sauteed with vegetables, ginger and soy sauce

: Table spoon

If you like the Tempeh, a typical food of oriental cuisine based on fermented soy that you can buy in organic shops, try it sautéed in the wok together with many seasonal vegetables to prepare a tasty and multicolored dish. THU recipe.

Tofu wok with vegetables

: Red Apple

This recipe is really simple and quick to prepare thanks to the wok. You will need them tofu, brown rice, celery stalks, yellow pepper, carrots, green beans, soy sauce, brown salt and ground black pepper. THU the recipe to follow.

Seitan sauteed with vegetables

: Who

The wok will be fine for quickly cook the seitan au naturel with a vegetable side dish in order to prepare a sort of quick and completely vegetable stew. In addition to the seitan, you will be served vegetables such as carrots, courgettes, peppers and cherry tomatoes. THU the complete recipe.

Mixed vegetables sautéed in the wok

: Very good

Le mixed vegetables sautéed in the wok they are a really tasty side dish to be prepared differently in every season depending on the vegetables you have available. Heat the wok well before starting the preparation in order to immediately obtain crunchy vegetables. THU the recipe to follow.

Vegan Cantonese rice

: Vegolosi

Prepare Cantonese rice it will be even easier if you have your own wok. We have selected for you a recipe to prepare Cantonese rice in a vegan version, complete with egg-free omelettes made with chickpea flour or corn flour. THU all the instructions to prepare the vegan cantonese rice.

Vegetable wok with spaghetti

: Viera Vodrazkova

Finally, here is a fusion recipe for you. In this case, in fact, instead of the typical noodles of the recipes with the wok you can use the spaghetti and choose your favorite vegetables as a condiment, for example aubergines and peppers in summer or pumpkin and cauliflower in autumn. THU recipe.

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