What to write to a girl: 50 examples.

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Sure, there are plenty of blog articles on what to write to a girl, but there aren't any that reveal 50 messages to send to a girl in order to create such an attraction, at least not yet!

Before I give you this incredibly long and pretty impressive list of things to text a girl in specific situations, I just want to say that these are guidelines. These are not rules that you MUST follow perfectly, my friend...

Why don't you have to use ALL my examples of things to write to a girl to WIN your crush. Experiment, see what works best for you, and keep doing what works.

And secretly...

I want to show you WHY all of these examples work so well, so you can create many more yourself and become a message to rock star girls. But we will talk about this later...

Let's look at some examples of what to write to a girl!

What to write to a girl when you just met her

When you've just met her, it's important to keep interest high and continue to build attraction.

How do you play nice when it comes to texting a girl?

It means challenging her, teasing her, being demanding, being mysterious, being hard to get, being dominant... and the list of things you can do over text to keep her interested goes on...

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Let's see what to text a girl to keep her interested...

1. “Hey you! If you! Can you keep a secret? ".

Of course, when you text a girl like this, she'll be curious and say "YES" and ask why, after which you'll say:

“Don't tell anyone, but I met an incredibly cute girl the other day. Her name is -NAME OF THE GIRL YOU WRITE TO-. It's a shame she didn't have the biggest boobs."

This is a great example of things to write to a girl if you want to make fun of her. Don't look at me like that, man. This works because you will be one of the few guys who is not impressed with the appearance of a hot girl and licks her feet. You tell him you're hard to get. The girls want it.

And if you still don't believe me, I'll go ahead and say: bad boys are attractive to girls. And make such a comment? This is definitely a bad boy!

So remember this when it comes to what to write to a girl: it might not seem right to write such a thing for her at first, but you will once you see the level of success you'll achieve with these examples.

2. "Hey you? Who are you? I have this new number on my phone but I don't know who it belongs to!"

This works well for the same reasons I gave you as example #1 of what to text a girl.

And what to write to a girl if you like to use a more... articulate approach?

4. “Can I ask you something? You are a thief, because you have stolen my heart…”.

Stop right there! Don't think I'm telling you to use a cheesy, inflated tow line like this when texting a girl. In fact, immediately after you have to add:

"Would it work? Would a vulgar phrase like this work for you? Be honest ahahah"

As you can see: I'm making fun of the other guys who probably write to you. And let me tell you: the girls love it! Show them that you are above and beyond the weakling who uses such phrases.

Don't ask me why girls think I'm sexy. They just do. That's why I use it as an example of what to write to a girl.

5. “Okay, let's imagine for a second that you're a boy and I'm a pretty girl like you. What would you write to try to get me up?

This example of what to write to a girl works similarly to the previous one, except after she tells you what she would write to you, you tease her by using the same sentence about her and asking her if it worked. .

6. “Quick, quick! Wine or cocktail? Wine or cocktail?!"

When you text a girl like that, she'll be like, "What the hell?"

And then the game will continue.

Then, depending on his answer, you ask him a question that is consistent: “Red or white wine! Red or biancoooo". I think you understand.

Then you ask him to choose between two different dishes and at the end you say "Thank you!" and then you calm down.

This is what you should write to a girl if you want to create attraction by being unpredictable.

And it's also a great way to ask a girl out, but we'll talk about that later...

What to write to a girl who likes you

The above examples of what to text a girl are for feedback only, but if you can say with 90% certainty that a girl likes you, you need to have some oomph and get to the point.

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9. “Let's be honest. I know you like me and I know I like you. What do we do?".

This message is direct and safe. It will likely make her "come out" if she has flirted with you as well.

10. “Honestly? I like you. You're so fun to hang out with and you're also so cute, so I'd say go somewhere together."

Trust me when I say that girls love it when you are direct, almost too direct, with them.

Why is it necessary to learn to be direct when you want to know what to write to a girl?

Well, compare being direct to what that girl's best friend did who said earlier: “No! I'm not absolutely in love with you. We're just friends…” and he then admitted that he loved her.

The other guys are beating around the bush, you're not. You get what you want, when you want it. This is what you should write to a girl you already like.

Let's go on!

What to write to a girl who has stopped responding

These examples of what to text a girl are for when, for whatever reason, she stops responding to your texts or calls. There is a way around this and get a response from the girl you are texting with.

How? Here are some things to write to a girl who doesn't write back:

11. "You seem to be busy right now, so I'm leaving you alone so you can do your thing!"

This tells a girl that you don't want to waste time waiting for her, but also that you're not desperate for her to come back to you.

Plus, it's also a good way to tell if she's really busy or just didn't bother to reply to you sooner...

12. “Wow! Are you already being difficult? Aren't we going too fast, miss? We're not out yet!"

13. "I have to let you in on a little secret: even my grandma texts faster than you haha!"

15. “What is the epitome of boredom? Being so bored with yourself that you fall asleep while watching yourself text. Track Track! "

16. “You're not texting regular mail, are you? Because even sleepwalkers can move their fingers faster than you!”

Here is a reflection on what to write to a girl who has stopped responding: what makes you think it was your fault?

Maybe she's at work, sick, having a bad day, having her period, etc. Girls are emotional creatures, so frankly?

There are a million ways to make him lose interest in talking to ANYONE. With you too. If so, wait for a better opportunity.

What to text a girl to get a date

I can give you so many examples of how to continue the conversation so that you get a first date. So you know what? I'll tell you everything!

17. “You know what? We have been writing for a while. But I say: let's do what normal people do and have a drink somewhere to talk a little in person.

18. “Hey, I know this great place where they have XYZ. Let's go there tomorrow!"

This is what to text a girl if you want to ask her out but don't want to be too obvious.

19. “You seem to be someone who has an opinion and likes to have fun, like me. So, let's have fun together by going to XYZ tomorrow!”

20. “You know what? If you promise to be my tour guide tomorrow when I'm at XYZ, I'll give you some XYZ lessons in return.”

Here, you ask him to be your tour guide in his city or neighborhood, in exchange for some lessons in what you do best… how to play the guitar.

21. “Are you bored? Well, if you play your cards right, it might just lead you to this great place where they have XYZ later!"

That's what to write to a girl when she says she's bored.

22. “Don't you have anything to do right now? Then let me take you to XYZ where they have the best XYZ ever!”

Use this if a girl says she has nothing to do or ASK HER if she has anything to do then tell her this.

23. “Hey, my friends and I are going to a friend's house. If you can come, you're invited."

Probably the most casual of all the examples of what to text a girl, but it still works because she'll be able to see how amazing you are when you're with friends. Girls are attracted to this "social proof."

24. “Party at my house at XX PM! Make sure you bring me my favorite wine or you won't get in!"

Another widely used example. But used a lot doesn't mean it sucks. Means it probably works!

26. “Tell me: do you have plans for the weekend? Or will you sit like a potato on the couch?

This is what you should write to a girl to find out if you can ask her out or not.

27. “Thanks for telling me what you would like to do on our date tomorrow. Shall I pick you up around eight?

Remember example #6 where you asked a girl to quickly choose one of two options several times? Well, you can go out and buy the things that she has chosen for her to drink and eat whatever she prefers while she is on a date with you.

And in case you were wondering: I have used XYZ in several examples of what to write to a girl, write what you think is best, for example a movie theater or a restaurant when you tell her that you want to take her to a nice place.

Messages to send a girl in case of doubt

The following are examples of things to write to a girl if she's not sure she can go out with you or makes excuses not to go out with you.

28. “Are you going to PLACE XYZ tomorrow? Wow! This sounds incredibly... boring. Come with me. You know I'm a lot more fun than that place."

29. “Good! When we go?"

This is the message to send to a girl when she says she's going somewhere. At a party, for example.

30. “Oh come on! Be a good girl. I promise I won't get drunk and I won't embarrass you in public (again!)."

31. “Oh come on! You are so boring! Well well. You can choose where to go, but you have to promise to offer me a drink when we get there.”

32. “Oh, don't worry. It's not even a good answer. Just don't be surprised when you find out that I'm not the kind of person to give up when he's really into a girl!"

This is what to write to a girl if all else fails. It's playing the honesty card: telling him directly how you feel and that you won't stop trying to get what you want.

And you want it.

33. “Okay, you know what? Have you ever heard of the Lemon Law? It works like this: we go somewhere to have a drink. If we don't like each other's company after five minutes, we are both free to leave. This way we don't get each other's feelings hurt and we don't even have to last until the end of the night if we hate each other."

Womanizer Barney Stinson has to be thanked for the latter.

Guess what? Plays!

And just when you thought you'd seen enough examples of what to write to a girl? I give you more...

What to write to a girl after a date

If you think you're done figuring out what to write to a girl, or creating attraction in general, after you've been on a date, you're wrong.

I really thank God that you are not a general if you think so, because it would be to think that you have won a war after winning the first battle.

The way to secure a second date, and maybe more, is to know what to text a girl after the first date. Here are some examples...

34. “I had so much fun today! We should do it again sometime!”

Another example of what to text a girl after a date:

35. “I have to be honest with you. Today was one of the most boring, sad and mundane experiences I have ever had. Joke ahah it was great!"

Decide for yourself whether you have the courage to write something like that to him or not.

36. “It's so much fun hanging out with you. If these are the conditions, I know we will be best friends with everyone!”

This works if you want to let her know that you just want to be her friend, but it's also good to text a girl if you want to make it hard for you to get along, because if she likes you, she'll try. even harder to make you NOT her friend, but her lover. Girls like challenges.


What to write to a girl you like if you think you're losing her

See, sometimes you do everything in your power to get a girl, but you still feel like she's out of your league.

And sometimes, you wonder what to write to a girl you like because she seems to be losing interest in you. This is what you should use then:

37. "Hi, it's me that takes much longer than usual to respond to your messages."

Of course, this is not what you have to write to a girl word for word, but it is what you have to do: when the girl gives you the idea that you are losing interest, the worst thing you can do is chase her harder and harder before


Because it makes you look desperate, worse than before. Nothing good will come of it.

Instead, what you need to do is let go. Make yourself more elusive than you have been. More difficult to understand. More difficult to maintain.

Do it and a girl will understand that she has to fight for your attention. That's all it takes for her to invest in her relationship, if she ever liked her or even liked her just a little.

So the example above and the following 4 examples of what to text a girl are all about making it harder for you to hook up:

38. "Hi, I'm the one who is much more distant than usual when I answer your messages."

Once again, when you think he's losing interest in you, you have to make him hard to get, so you can repair any damage you've done.

And again, this is advice on what to write a girl, not a text you should literally be sending a girl.

39. "Hello, I write to you less often than before."

40. "Hello, I'm the one who avoids your questions with vague and roundabout answers."

41. "This is me writing to you how much fun I'm having without you."

Enough of examples of how to change things when you think you already screwed up! Let's look at some examples of what to write to a girl that is 100% guaranteed to screw things up for you.

In other words: take note of what NOT to do when texting a girl...

Things you should NOT write to a girl

If you don't want to kill the attraction, don't write a girl one of the following messages.

42. “Are you a thief? Why did you steal my heart!".

Cheesy pick-up lines don't work if you're serious about using them.

43. “Do you believe in love at first sight? Or do I have to go through it again?

This was another example just to emphasize the fact that NO, tacky pickup phrases don't work. Never. Unless you make fun of them. Which is the pinnacle of excellence.

Please, please remember that the two phrases DO NOT WORK.

44. "I don't know if I'm your type, but..."

NEVER say this if you DON'T want to be seen as insecure trash with a capital S painted on it. By the way, that S stands for SUPER. Super potato.

45. "Would you like to go out with me sometime?"

Could you make it even more obvious that you are insecure about yourself and/or that she likes you? Be a man and don't ask her out with you. Tell her you want to get out of it with her. Look at the 40 sentences above to find out what to write to a girl to get her to go out with you.

46. ​​“Why don't you answer my messages? You are ignoring me?".

Getting angry doesn't solve anything. Getting angry just scares a girl, even if she was attracted to you before. Anger is not what you send to a girl. Absolutely not.

Trust me, I'm a hot-tempered guy and I had to learn it the hard way.

47. "Hi, I'm sending you my 27th message today!"

Do not give the impression that you have no life. This is a huge disincentive. Have fun texting a girl, but always leave her wishing for more.

48. "Hi, I'll reply to your message in less than 4 seconds!"

Replying the minute you receive a message from her says a lot about you. Could you let him know that you are really interested, but more importantly? Mostly, she says that you were waiting for her to text you and that you have nothing better to do than this: wait for her.

You are sending him a strong signal of desperation!

49. "Hello, I'm the one who responds to your message in a way that leaves you nothing to say."

One of the most fatal but common mistakes when it comes to what to write to a girl: answer the questions she asks or tell her things... and then not leave her with nothing to say.

If you have said all there is to say, why continue? So if you want to give yourself enough time to get a date with her, ask questions and ask them often.

Get her to talk so you'll have a better chance of getting her on a date with one of the examples I just showed you of what to write to a girl to date her.

50. "Hi, I'm a guy who gives up on his first try to get a girl!"

Just because girls, and people in general, carry their smartphone with them wherever they go doesn't mean they'll actually listen to every text message they receive.

So don't give up after sending just one message.

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