There is nothing wrong with change if it is in the right direction

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There is nothing wrong with change if it is in the right direction

Last update: February 09, 2017

It will surely have happened to you on more than one occasion to think that you have built a comfort zone in which you had everything under control and to suddenly hear alarm bells: small red lights that encourage movement so as not to get stuck in it. place too long. This is a very special way of life to test our emotional balance in the face of change.

Of course, change does not wait for anyone, it resides in us and requires constant reactions. At first, the change can trigger a certain discomfort to which we find it difficult to adapt easily: we are not used to these calls, even if they have accompanied us since we were born.

We don't get wet in the same river twice,

we do not enter the same body twice,

we do not abandon ourselves twice to the same death.

Óscar Hahn

Since nothing that exists remains in time indefinitely, it is important to know that everything is transient: everything changes, contrasts, overlaps or transforms. Therefore we just have to flow with the change and find the tools that allow us to be prepared in the best possible way to change.

Change can create discomfort

Perhaps the thing that most frightens about change is its arbitrary and uncertain nature, in fact it always contains a fund of uncertainty. In other words, we cannot know ahead of time how long it will last, what results it will have or how much energy we will invest in order not to get lost.

Change also creates discomfort because most of the time it is out of our reach, we cannot avoid it: we do not have the privilege of deciding to always remain as we are, even if we are fine. There's more, there are decisions that will change our lives, but there will also be lives that will change our decisions without us realizing it.

Why should we be afraid of change? All life is a change.

Why should we fear it?

George Herbert

Consequently, what we can do is face change with enthusiasm and courage, so as to assimilate it in the best possible way: without forgetting that, in any case, there is nothing wrong with change if it leads us on the right path.

The change that makes us happy

Reflecting on what a change entails, an exchange from the cartoon The Lion King comes to mind. In the first part of the conversation, the old Rafiki says that change is good, even if it is not easy and sometimes it requires facing a painful past.

It is true that there are moments that influence us heavily and that are necessary to make us mature and make us stronger. However, there are also moments that make us happy: it is good to take risks to move forward, to seek other goals, to recognize one's flaws and to change certain values. Change can be good.

The right direction is always ahead of us

You are mistaken if you look back and think that your place is where you are not now or where you are no longer. You get confused even if you have created a cloud in the future and don't want to go down to forge your present. Make a mistake if you don't register in your mind that the message is here and now, always looking forward.

If you are experiencing a profound change (of those that involve the entire interior of a person and beyond), receive it without fear. Face the possible exits of the labyrinth you are in and locate a corner where you can feel safe again: take it as a challenge and make it yours.

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