Don't search, let them find you

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Don't search, let them find you

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Last update: December 14, 2021

Life is too short to run after someone who doesn't even walk for us. There is no need to chase someone, when they already know where you are, where you live and know your secrets.

What is certain is that there are people who don't care; however, we do care. In these cases, it may be difficult to understand the situation, concern for others does not speak the language of selfishness.

Affection does not beg

Dragging us and begging for crumbs of affection that they don't want to give us is not healthy in the short or long term.. However, perhaps certain demonstrations manage to soften us and we need reasons to continue to be nailed to the desire for this person to remain in our life.

If we stop and think, the only thing that is achieved with this attitude is to unnecessarily prolong the suffering. Submitting ourselves to the will of others turns us into puppets of their needs and desires.

It is difficult to let go of what we really consider ours, be it feelings or people. We are united to certain stones that we load on our backs by a feeling of identity and belonging that merges with our fear of losing something that we believe is intense and important.

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