The worst spelling mistake is not knowing how to put a full stop

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The worst spelling mistake is not knowing how to put a full stop

Last update: Augusts 07, 2016

We do not make our worst spelling mistake when writing, but when in our life we ​​are unable to put a full stop. This maxim teaches us something extremely important and courageous, and it can become the starting point from which to grow.

Closing stages, cycles and relationships can be difficult - especially because you are not always XNUMX% sure of making the right choice in letting go of certain people, certain places or moments that have made us feel good in the past.

The cliché of "fighting to the end for what you love" often turns out to be a way to let one's restlessness waver and set in motion to activate that emotional determination that helps us make a decision that is so difficult for us.

We are wrong when we put the suspension points in place of the full stop

The old habit of putting ellipses prevents us from growing. If we do not open the windows, we will not be able to see the light of life; if we do not keep the doors open, we will suffocate in the inability to "let go" and in all that dust that prevents us from breathing.

The tenacity and the ability to resist in the face of what has ended become a symbolic revolver that constantly points to our temple and that makes us unable to enjoy our emotional life.

In these cases it is denial that plays a fundamental role: it is the reflection of our lack of courage and inability to admit that it is a negative emotional reality. In other words, we become convinced that it is a "phase" and we refuse to take our feelings and thoughts seriously.

Unfortunately, however, a breakup is a serious matter and it is normal to want to deal with it with all due respect. When we don't, we end up turning into bitter, irritable, unhappy people, full of prejudices and preconceptions, relegating ourselves to a dark corner full of contradictions.

As they say, always better than nothing, but do we really believe that being satisfied with crumbs can be enough for our emotional life? If there is something that is not making us happy or if we are in a relationship that is not good for us, what kind of bond or support do we believe it can give us?

Let's be realistic: to let the good things in, we have to let go

"Let go", "dissolve", "say goodbye". A few simple words that contain great actions. More than clichés, these are clear messages aimed at reminding us that it is not worth standing still in a place as mere observers, afflicted people or pitied figures.

Do not go where they do not want you and do not stay where they do not want you: this is a fundamental premise to be assimilated from childhood, so that, if necessary, we can always assert our emotional needs and listen to the heart when it is right to do so.

Often we would do everything to find a reason to leave that door or window open, yet the only solution we have left is to put a period where we have always signed an ellipsis. It is a truth to follow to take care of our emotional health, to value ourselves, protect our heart and face life by putting ourselves and our feelings first.

Let us not allow anyone to deprive us of hope and happiness, let us not be guided by laziness and suffering. True, writing a full stop in a story is complicated (and sad), but doing so will pave the way for even more beautiful new stories. Never forget:

Leaving some places also means taking care of yourself.

Getting away from certain people also means protecting yourself.

Closing doors also means loving each other.

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