Forgiveness and a good conscience help you sleep well

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Forgiveness and a good conscience help you sleep well

Last update: 25 March, 2016

Being able to forgive a person who has hurt me and having the confidence that I have done the best I can help me feel better about myself and avoid the headaches that plague me when something is bothering me. I made my mistakes and others have made mistakes against me, but I corrected my aim and accepted that others did too.

It is said that, in general, when worries imprison the mind, they do not allow you to live and sleep with the right tranquility. It is for this reason that I can state that understanding the meaning of "asking for forgiveness" and knowing how to put it into practice is an excellent remedy for insomnia.

I don't know any man more deserving than the one who has forgiven, without forgetting that asking for forgiveness is as difficult as giving it.

The act of asking for forgiveness

Elvira Sastre used to say that a life without courage is an infinite return journey; he was not mistaken, since I have always been very clear that the courage to ask for forgiveness is followed by the greatness of forgiving.

In other words, the action of “asking for forgiveness”, which always implies a bit of self-criticism, self-analysis and above all a lot of humility, is followed by the reward of becoming a better person.

 "There is nothing better than finding oneself and forgiving others, whether they are right or not, because people, when they do something bad, usually do it because at that moment they could not do otherwise, because they were afraid or for any other reason. Forgiving is a wonderful act. "


The act of asking for forgiveness saves me because it leads me to take responsibility for my mistakes, which have probably hurt other people, perhaps dear to me. If I hurt someone dear to me, I probably did it unwittingly, but I did. And I'll be better off after apologizing and being forgiven.  

Offering forgiveness to others, forgiving myself and making them forgive me helped me escape resentments, from malaise, from wounds that did not heal, from a past that did not allow me to glimpse the future.

What is meant, in this context, by "good conscience"

The so-called "conscience" can easily be added to the action of "asking for forgiveness", understood here as the judge who dictates my behavior: it reproaches me, rejoices for me, gives its opinion, confides.

When my conscience is dirty due to a bad deed or a wrong word, I get upset, I get nervous and my health deteriorates. It turns into an uncomfortable pillow that doesn't allow me to rest.

 "Conscience leads us to discover ourselves, to denounce or accuse us, and in the absence of witnesses, it pronounces itself against ourselves."

-Michael de Montaigne-

When I sincerely ask for forgiveness and am forgiven, or vice versa, the pillow we are talking about undergoes a transformation: this is the moment when I finally find my place in bed and in life, with myself and with others. Having a clear conscience means taking a step forward and closing a door, turning my back on a past from which I learned.

Sooner or later everyone apologizes

The fact that you asked for forgiveness, especially after making a serious mistake, may have been a cause of great shame. In fact, no one likes to retrace his steps and accept that he was wrong.

However, I am aware of the fact that sooner or later everyone finds themselves apologizing, and that this is necessary. Nobody is perfect and everyone is wrong, as they say. Precisely for this reason, no one is exempt from the act of asking for forgiveness.

Stop when it is needed and correct yourselves if you are not right, do not judge yourselves when you do not deserve it, be humble, but do not humble yourselves; always remember that no one can survive without forgiving and being forgiven, not even you.

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