The tomato, a sunny fruit

The tomato, a sunny fruit

Il tomato belongs to the Solanaceae family. The raw and ripe fruit of this plant is used for curative purposes.

Tomatoes, especially when ripe, are a rich source of carotenoids, potassium, vitamin C e Vitamin E.

The seeds contain: la tomatina, a substance with mild antibiotic action; the lycopene, a carotenoid that determines the red pigmentation of the fruit; substances antioxidants e phospholipids (fats of the cell membrane which, in the right quantity, keep it elastic and therefore healthy).

Since they are not a great source of energy, they are suitable for low-calorie diets. Tomatoes have a refreshing, laxative effect in the body (mainly due to the seeds and peel), and diuretic due to the high water content.

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Despite the multiple benefits, however, tomatoes can be, for some predisposed subjects, the triggering cause of allergies that manifest themselves with canker sores of the oral mucosa, eczema and cutaneous urticaria. Also, unripe (green) tomatoes can cause migraines due to the presence of an increased amount of solanine, a substance present only in Solanaceae, which can be toxic if taken in high concentrations.

It should also be borne in mind that it is advisable never to use aluminum pans for cooking tomatoes, since, being fruits with a very acid pH, during cooking they would absorb large quantities of aluminum, which are toxic to the body.

In cosmetics, the tomato offers a solution to many skin problems. Due to its firming action it is suitable for relaxed and dull skin; it makes blackheads disappear and, thanks to its moisturizing, smoothing and lightening action, it is a valid help for oily skin.

In this regard, if the heat and the sun have withered the skin of the face, we can resort to a mask prepared with the pulp of two fresh tomatoes, peeled and reduced to pulp (preferably with a wooden tool since the metallic ones alter the acids. tomato).

The pulp should be spread on the face and left on for 15 minutes, then removed with typical water. The skin immediately appears fresh, smooth, firm and well nourished.  


Properties, calories and nutritional values ​​of tomatoes


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