Succeeding: the 1 rule

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Joe Dispenza

Succeeding can be less complicated than we might imagine. Ambitious projects, challenging goals, lofty goals have something in common: they can be achieved by applying the rule of 1.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

Lao Tze.

We often get dazzled by the success of others. We are struck by the results and goals that others reach, but we do not reflect sufficiently on how those goals have been achieved, or we simply dismiss it all with a single expression: "all c ** o!".

As far as I'm concerned, I firmly believe that any success, big or small, can largely be traced back to simple actions and habits repeated with determination. Here then is that to undertake the path to success it is important to learn how to apply the rule of 1.

What is the 1 rule

The rule of 1 is a simple principle that states the following:

"No matter how far a goal is, no matter how ambitious a goal is, there is always at least 1 small action that you can take today to get closer to your dream."

But why is the rule of 1 so important to your success?

Every time we define ambitious goals, despondency inevitably follows the initial phase of enthusiasm, linked to the obstacles present along the way. Despondency follows inaction, and inaction follows inevitable failure.

We turn our gaze to the moon, forgetting that to get there we must start going out onto the courtyard. This is where the rule of 1 comes into play.

The rule of 1 helps you shift your focus on the concrete actions you can take today to achieve your goals.

Once you've defined your goal, forget it. Yes, you read that right: forget about your goal, focus your attention only on that little daily action that will bring you closer to the finish line and repeat the 1 rule the next day and the next day again ...

Focus on that one action you can do today, decide to do it today, and make this habit part of your daily life.

The rule of 1: practical examples

I don't know what your goals are, but I'm sure some of these practical examples will help you put that into practice rule of 1 and to reach your goals:

  • Wake up 1 minute earlier each day.
  • Think of a system that allows you to earn 1 euro more every day.
  • Try to save 1 euro more every day.
  • Train your mind by doing 1 new thing every day.
  • Try to read 1 minute more each day.
  • Get to know 1 new person every day.
  • Try to do 1 thing better than the previous day.
  • Spend an extra minute on your goals each day.

Do these actions make you smile? Do they look awfully simple to you? Well, that's the purpose of the rule of 1: put yourself in front of an action so simple that you are "forced" to complete it. In this way you will trigger a ripple effect, which day after day will bring you closer to your goal, as if you were on autopilot.

What is the small concrete action you can take now to get closer to your goals? Think about it, but not too much, and don't wait for tomorrow to apply the rule of 1.

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